Inexpensive Vacation Ideas - Tips for a Cheap and Affordable Holiday on a Budget

Are you cracking your head for some cheap or inexpensive vacation ideas?

Everyone needs a vacation now and again. Unfortunately, vacations can be costly and not everyone can afford the vacation they so desperately need.

There is hope, however, even for the most cash-strapped weary winter blues sufferer. With a little investigation and ingenuity, everyone should be able to vacation even on a shoestring budget. Here, we will help get you started in thinking about how to have an inexpensive vacation.

  • House Exchange: There are numerous websites on the internet dedicated to house swapping. This inexpensive vacation idea is a great way to see other cities and sometimes even other countries.

  • Research Hotels: Before booking, always research hotels in the area you want to stay in. Many places now offer continental breakfasts or other meals, discount coupons for dinners, free internet, and other amenities to attract guests. You can easily ask your hotel to match others in the area, and if they don't, don't book with them. Resorts want your business and will go out of their way to ensure you are getting the best deals as long as you ask about them.

  • Visiting Relatives: If you have relatives that live in another city or even another country, this inexpensive vacation idea is a great way to travel and have lodging on a tight budget. Offer to return the favor should they wish to come to your part of the country, and always leave a thank you / hostess gift to ensure you are asked back again.

  • Last Minute Deals: Many airlines and hotels have last minute deals. Airlines do not like to take off with empty seats, and hotels need their rooms booked. Many times, you can barter or negotiate a mutually acceptable price at a hotel, while last minute plan fares can be searched for on the internet. Last minute deals are not for the person who needs a plan, but they do work for those of us that have a bit of an adventurous spirit. Don't forget that as most people fly on weekends, planning your flight on a weekday will also save you money.

  • Time Share: Need more inexpensive vacation ideas? Many resorts offer a time share package that includes your rental as long as you can sit through the 90 minute or so promotional presentation they will want you to see. You can usually get a 3 day 2 night stay for 2 adults and 2 children at assorted places throughout the US, as well as a good assortment of coupons upon the end of the presentation. Coupons can be for free meals, a percentage off at certain restaurants, etc.

  • Double Up: No matter where you are going, sharing the cost is a useful inexpensive vacation idea. If you are single wanting a vacation, ask a friend to go along with you. Couples can do the same, as can families. Splitting the cost of a condo with kitchen facilities will be much cheaper than renting a hotel and eating out. Just ensure that whoever you are going with, you can get along with for the amount of time your vacation is planned for. If your best friend's snoring has cancelled sleepovers in the past, you might not want to spend 7 nights sleeping side by side.

  • Off-Season: Need more inexpensive vacation ideas? Peak prices are during peak seasons. If you travel, travel during the off season. This can sometimes save you over half of what a vacation would normally cost. Most resorts have a peak, shoulder, and then an off season. The process adjusts accordingly. And even then, sometimes they are still negotiable, especially if you price shop. Most places will meet or beat a competitor's pricing when asked.

  • Out of the Ordinary: When searching for inexpensive vacation ideas, don't get stuck on the idea of the most popular vacation destination. There is more than one tropical beach, and you will find that you can save a lot of money by traveling to a unique destination rather than the most popular one.

    As you can see, there are numerous ways to make your vacation affordable. Inexpensive vacations can happen with a little research on your part. The internet is a valuable tool for tracking prices and finding last minute deals, as well as websites that are devoted to time sharing and house swapping. So spending a few hours on the internet might 'net' you the inexpensive vacation ideas of your dreams.

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