Graduation Gifts for Men - Ideas for Fine Presents for Males

Are you cracking your head for great ideas for graduation gifts for men?

It's that time of year again; graduation is in the air and if you've got a guy in your life who's graduating, it's likely that you're already considering what you can give him that will make a difference in his newly graduated world and be a gift you can afford and he can enjoy.

Keep in mind that when a man graduates from college, he's still young enough to be fun and energetic, but he's getting to a point where he's about ready to branch out in the world a little bit. Maybe he's got a job and is ready to get his first bachelor pad, or maybe he's headed off to bigger and better things, but you still need to give him a fabulous graduation gift that he'll really enjoy.

So what are some possible good graduation gifts for men?

  • Concert tickets. He is about to hit the real world, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have some time to cut loose with his friends for a little while. Giving him concert tickets to see his favorite band is a great way to help him cut loose and have a little fun before he's off to work and real life. Make it an extra special occasion by getting him backstage passes or putting a group together to see the show with him.

  • Baseball, anyone? If you've got a graduate who loves baseball, then you might want to give him some baseball tickets for him and at least one friend. Make it an occasion by adding some spending money and choosing a really exciting big game. He's sure to love this summer exclusive, and you'll love the way his face lights up when he opens this gift.

  • Need more ideas for graduation gifts for men? Get your graduate guy started out on the right financial footing by giving him the tools he needs for the upcoming interviews. Buy him a great new essential suit and a stylish, but sophisticated new haircut.

  • Another of the possible graduation gifts for men is to get him started on his retirement savings. This might be a great gift from grandparents or parents and he might not be thrilled about having money that he can't get a hold of now, but he will thank you later. Consider opening an IRA or mutual fund for him and giving him the seed money for it.

  • When giving graduation gifts for men, you might want to help him out with a couple of his first student loan payments. These can be a very big financial burden and, if your graduate isn't working yet, this can be even tougher on his wallet. Help him to relieve a little pressure and get ahead a little bit. According to Kiplinger Personal Finance, the average monthly payment of student loans is about $218 (info obtained in 2011).

  • Need yet more ideas for graduation gifts for men? Consider giving him something that will make him feel a little bit classy and a lot adult. A nice watch can speak volumes about his taste and give him the sophisticated edge that potential employers and friends alike will notice.

  • It cannot be said enough that graduates love money. If yours is headed off to a new life and job, consider giving him some funds to get started. Help him out with deposits for a new place or the cost of his furniture and watch how this type of bonus can help him out. Worried he'll spend it before he really needs it? Consider locking it up in a certificate of deposit for six months or so. Right about the time that he needs the funds, they will be coming available, and he might have even earned a couple of dollars on your gift.

Did any of the above ideas for graduation gifts for men appeal to you?

There are lots of really great ways to help your graduate guy off into the new world, so when brainstorming for graduation gifts for men, think of what he really needs and skip the new pen set in favor of something that will get him off to a great financial and professional start.

All the best!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Graduation Gifts for Men?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for graduation gifts for men? Share and write about these tips and ideas for graduation presents for guys here!

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