Homemade Graduation Gifts - Ideas for Great Presents

Do you need some great tips and ideas for homemade graduation gifts?

Graduation day is an exciting experience which is filled with pride for the graduates' achievements and relief that they are finally free. This special day should be celebrated with family and friends and made extra special by giving the graduates presents to remember their day by.

Homemade graduation gifts usually center on giving the graduate something that represents a graduation hat. You can make this graduation hat at home with some heavy card stock, staples and some braiding to finish it off.

Cut two squares of the same size out of the card stock; try to keep the card stock color as close to the school colors as possible. One square will make the flat piece for the top of the graduation hat, and the other square will make the part that goes around the head. Cut large "v" shapes into the square, starting with the point in the middle of the hat and larger part towards the four corners of the square. Staple the corners together to make the head piece, and then add the braid for the tassels; this will give you an almost perfect replica of a graduation hat.

Beaded safety pins are also very popular with graduates of all ages, and these can make fine homemade graduation gifts, too. All you need are a few safety pins and some colorful beads to make a stunning beaded badge which the graduates can pin onto their clothing. There are an unlimited amount of beading patterns available on the internet for free, or use your creativity to make your own pattern. This is a great present to give a graduate, as they can keep it forever to remind them of what they have achieved.

If the graduate is graduating from college and entering the workforce, try to make a practical homemade graduation gift that they could use when they find their dream job. You can make a coffee mug with their name on it by using a permanent colorful marker, and you could add a photograph of their graduation day, too. There are many shops that specialize in adding designs onto mugs, and if you make the design on your home PC, it shouldn't be too expensive to have it permanently applied to a coffee mug.

Another homemade graduation gift idea is to make your own frame that the graduate can use to display their hard earned degree in. Try to keep the frame simple and professional, rather than arty and full of glitter. All you need for this is a piece of hard board, whereby you drill a hole into the back. Twist some wire together, which you can use to hang the frame on. Use some thin skirting beading to glue around the edges to give the frame a 3D effect.

These gift ideas shouldn't take much time to make, and most of the raw materials needed will be lying around your home or available at your local stores. It is important to spend a little time planning how you are going to create your homemade graduation gifts, as this will help you not to buy unnecessary things, as well as to be able to pick up any problems you might experience while creating it.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade Graduation Gifts?

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