Holiday Diet Tips - Simple Yet Effective Strategies for Weight Control

Are you searching for some useful holiday diet tips to help you keep that extra weight away?

The holiday season is such a delightful time, with great food, festivities, friends, and family to share wonderful memories with.

I know that I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas every year because there seems to be an atmosphere of jolly in the air. People are kinder, more lighthearted, and more generous.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes we get out of our daily routines, especially our eating habits. Ask just about anyone if they tend to eat too much over the holidays and the majority of them will say, "Oh, for sure!"

It's true. People overeat and exercise less over the holiday season, and then comes New Year's Day with a lot of resolutions to lose weight and eat healthier.

It is important to have some goals around the holiday season regarding eating behaviors. If you take the time to think about goals ahead of time and create an action plan, the likelihood of you gaining weight around the holiday season is less.

Here are some holiday diet tips for you to consider this holiday season.

  • First, write down your goals. A great goal is to maintain the weight that you have currently. It is probably not a great time to try to lose weight during the holiday season.

  • One goal ought to be to limit your caloric intake. Make it a habit to count calories and plan your food intake around that. If you are counting calories, you're more likely to eat only one cookie, not five.

  • Another holiday diet tip is to limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol has quite a bit of calories, so the more you drink, the more calories you are consuming on top of any food that you eat. Soda has a lot of calories also, so limiting your soda intake is wise as well.

  • Thirdly, don't skip meals. It may seem logical to skip meals to save on calories, but you'll be extra hungry and be tempted to overeat at that next meal. You can give yourself smaller portions, or just have a light breakfast or lunch to even things out.

  • Fourth holiday diet tip - don't overdo the baking and cooking. You don't need thirty different types of desserts and a ten-course meal. It may sound good and look impressive, but it's also a lot of food and temptation. By all means, have fun with your menu, but don't over do it.

  • Fifth, watch out for nibbling. It is hard not to nibble, but you'll have to exercise willpower here. If you are at holiday parties, watch what you are putting on your plate and how often you are at the snack table.

  • Lastly, a great holiday diet tip is to exercise regularly. If you already exercise, you may want to add another day or two to your workout program. The more you can exercise, the better chance that you will not gain weight during the holidays. If you don't exercise at all, it is a great time to start. Begin by walking 3 or 4 days a week for 30 minutes at a time. You will feel better about yourself and be taking an active approach to maintaining your health.

You can maintain your weight during the holidays if you think about your goals and take into consideration these holiday diet tips. Happy Holidays!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Holiday Diet Tips and Ideas?

Do YOU have in mind some great holiday diet tips and ideas? Share and write about these tips and ideas for weight control and weight loss during the holiday season here!

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