Holiday Party Games - Fun Ideas for Adults and Children

Do you need ideas for holiday party games which you and your guests can play and have some fun with?

When the holidays roll around, you know that you'll be going to plenty of parties and probably hosting one or more of your own, but if you're getting tired of the same old drinking till you're tipsy and eating too many goodies, it might be time to add some games to the mix.

Here are some fun ideas for holiday party games for you to try.

If you've got an adults only party

Adults only parties are fun because the kids stay with a sitter and the grown-ups get to get a little silly. You can play some crazy fun games that get your group laughing, mingling and enjoying your gathering more than you imagined.

  • "Reindeer Antlers". This is silly fun for all and it will get everyone at your party involved and mingling. You will need panty hose and lots and lots of balloons. You can do holiday colors if you like. Divide your party into teams. You can keep your couples together, but team them up with other couples or singles that they don't really know. Give each team a pair of panty hose and lots (up to 50) of balloons. Then it's a race to see which team can blow up the most balloons and stuff the hose to create a pair of "antlers" first. The winning team must place the stuffed hose over one of the team member's head like reindeer antlers.

  • "Name that Holiday Tune". This holiday party game is great for everyone who has ever listened to holiday music. Be as obscure as you like with your music choices and see who the holiday music aficionado is at your party. Keep score and give silly or funny gifts as prizes to the winners.

If the kids are involved

When the kids are involved in the festivities, we tend to gear the games toward them. Maybe it's because games are a wonderful way to keep the kids excited about the holidays and from becoming bored, but whatever your reason for offering games for children at your holiday party to play, these ideas for holiday party games are sure to get them giggling and having fun.

  • Kids love to hunt for things, so a Christmas scavenger hunt is always great fun. Since you'll likely be in the house, you should keep this holiday party game to the rooms that aren't private, such as bedrooms, but have fun hiding clues in all sorts of places, from stockings and the Christmas tree to the many other decorations. Choose a holiday theme for your party and consider offering prizes to do with it - ornaments, stuffed reindeer and Santa's are all fun prizes for little guests.

  • "Pin the Red Nose on Rudolf". Since this is just a new twist on an old favorite, you're sure to find that this holiday party game is easy and your little invitees are sure to get a laugh out of being blindfolded, turned and planting a red nose on Rudolf - even if it isn't in the right place!

Not quite games, but fun all the same

Even though these aren't holiday party games, per se, they are still activities that children can really enjoy, so be sure to incorporate them in your holiday party.

  • Let your young guests decorate sugar cookies. You can make a bunch of them the day before, but be sure to cut them in festive designs. Then when it's party time, have everything you need for kids to decorate these gems. Be sure that each child has the same number of cookies and let them place them on a paper plate with their name on it so they can share with their parents when they go home.

  • You might also like to let your youngsters have a "mini-gift wrapping" party. Have them bring the gifts they are giving to their family and let everyone wrap their gifts to take home.

We hope you and your family and guests enjoy these holiday party games!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Holiday Party Games?

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