Make Your Own Homemade Firecrackers - Basic Instructions and Steps

Do you wish to make your own homemade firecrackers?

Originating in China many centuries ago, fireworks have become essential in the celebration of many events worldwide - most notably the 4th of July in the US.

Making your own homemade firecrackers is not difficult; however, you should check the laws in your area (state or country). Even more obviously, great care should be taken when attempting to build your own fireworks, as its explosive properties go without saying and all safety measures should be observed.

Sparklers are easily made and great fun for the kids. Gather some wooden sticks, potassium chloride (for combustion), aluminum files (provides the sparkle) and dextrin (holds it all together). By mixing these ingredients, you create a concoction that when properly prepared (sticks dipped in and allowed to dry), can provide entertainment year round instead of only special occasions. There are even chemicals that allow your sparklers to burn different colors.

The basic ingredients of any firecracker are charcoal, sulfur and potassium nitrate (saltpeter) - also the basic components of gunpowder. All are readily available at most major drugstores. You will also need some type of wrap or container to package your homemade firecrackers in, and a wick so you can light it. The ratios of these ingredients are very important and are as follows - 75% potassium nitrate, 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur by weight.

The simplest method of building a crude homemade firecracker is to take some of your gun powder - or even ground up match heads, and place it in the center of pre-cut pieces of aluminum foil. Mold the foil into a cup-like shape so all your powder stays in the middle. Put the back end of a match in the cup and ball it up as tightly as you can so the match head remains accessible. When dealing with fireworks, compression is key - the tighter the wrap, the better. Now simply light the exposed match head and toss.

If you want to get a little more intense and professional looking, you will need to construct your own tube by rolling a 3 inch strip of paper around a wooden dowel about the size of your little finger. Be sure to apply glue liberally so the resulting tube is strong and hard. At this point, cut two smaller wood plugs from the dowel that you used to fashion the paper tube. Insert a plug into one end of the tube and secure with glue.

Drill a small hole in the second plug - this will be used to seat the fuse, or you can drill a small hole in the side of your tube for the fuse. Once the bottom plug has completely dried, then fill the tube with the powder of your choice (flash, black, etc.). Because you can slide the plug up and down the tube, the amount of powder can be variable. Once you have the proper, as well as safe, amount of powder in place, simply secure the second end plug that has been fashioned with a fuse, glue, let dry, and viola, you have your homemade firecracker.

Once again, please be reminded about legal restrictions as well as safety issues when making and using homemade firecrackers. This is very important!

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Make Your Own Homemade Firecrackers - Basic Instructions and Steps

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