Making Homemade Fireworks - Steps and Safety Tips

Do you wish to learn how to make homemade fireworks?

Fireworks are nationally recognised as a means of celebrating America's independence. However, they are also recognised all over the world as one of the best ways to celebrate, in a big way.

Fireworks can be purchased in stores, or can be homemade. Whether you choose to go the manufacturer's route, or decide to make your own, every care should be taken when handling these explosives, and should be done in accordance with all local and state laws.

Here is what you need to make your own homemade fireworks.

  • To get started, take 1x1/2-inch paper tube that has a 1/16-inch wall thickness
  • 1/16-inch thick paper, and two end plugs
  • Waterproof fuse, about 1x1/2-inch
  • Half a teaspoon flash powder
  • Some glue, scissors, and a sharp nail

And here are some basic steps for making homemade fireworks.

  • Step 1. Put a small amount of glue around a plug, and plug one end of the paper tube. Let the glue dry before continuing.

  • Step 2. Using the sharp nail, puncture the tube in the middle of one side.

  • Step 3. Cut the fuse to 1/1/2-inches, and insert into the tube - about half the way across the diameter of the tube. Apply some glue to the fuse and allow to dry before you carry on.

  • Step 4. Mix the flash powder, and, using a funnel, fill the tube to about 2/3 full.

  • Step 5. Plug the other end of the tube, apply glue, and allow to dry. Make sure that the glue is properly dry before igniting, or there is a risk of the explosive going off prematurely.

Please remember that using professional firework parts will greatly reduce the risk of possible harm. If you don't fill the tube entirely with powder, it will allow for a louder explosive effect. You can make flash powder by mixing half fertilizer and half sugar, but this homemade form is not as reliable as professional flash powder. Very importantly, remember that homemade fireworks are dangerous, and using professional powder will greatly reduce any risk to your health.

Some people are really drawn to pyrotechnics and even take it up as a hobby. While some people are responsible, and will adhere to any rules and regulations, there are others out there who really don't care about the laws of the country. They are the people that usually end up getting badly hurt.

By definition of the federal law, in the United States a legal firecracker should have a total maximum of 50mg (milligrams) of explosive material. Anything over and above this is considered illegal. So, as exciting as it is to manufacture your own homemade fireworks, do stick to the rules and regulations to avoid trouble with the law, and terrible harm to yourself (and your loved ones).

If you are interested in making some type of explosive item, it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with your State Marshall, and an organization for amateur fireworks enthusiasts to affiliate with. They will help you with the safety aspects of fireworks, as well as help you with the design, production and display of your homemade fireworks.

All the best, and take care.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade Fireworks?

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