How to Make Homemade Smokers - Basic Steps

Do you need some help with making homemade smokers?

Besides the homely smell of freshly baked bread, there is nothing better than smelling cheese, fish or meat slowly smoking away in the backyard.

If you love the smell and taste of anything that is barbequed, then you will definitely enjoy making your own homemade smoker in the comfort of your backyard.

Basically, a simple home made smoker is a plain barbeque with a lid and a grill; what makes a smoker different to a barbeque is that you will have to stop the food from cooking directly above the flame, but rather cook the food from the heat of the smoke.

To make your own homemade smoker, you will need a round metal drum which has been completely washed out and cleaned. You will also need a length of square tubing steel, a couple of hinges, some welding rods, a grinder and a welding machine.

First off, you need to make a lid that can open and close for the smoker. This is done by cutting the top of the round drum while it is lying on its side. Once this is done, you would add the hinges to the new lid you have cut and the other part of the hinge will be welded onto the bigger part of the drum.

Next, you would need to make the legs. Cut the length of square tubing steel into four equal parts, making sure that the legs are just the right height to open the lid easily without having to touch the drum and burn. Weld the legs onto the drum in all four corners and you will see that your homemade smoker is starting to look a little familiar.

You can also weld support beams out of the remainder of the steel tubing onto the legs to make the smoker more stable. Adding wheels onto the bottom of the legs will allow you to move the smoker to spots in your garden that you would prefer.

Attach a standard 2" elbow pipe and screw the whole piece into the opening that is usually used to pour liquid into the drum and you now have a simple, but very effective chimney. The chimney allows excess smoke to leave the drum and this helps to keep the temperature in the drum regulated.

Once you have your homemade smoker all welded together, you can add a grill to the inside which acts as a shelf to lay the food that you are going to smoke on. You should preferably weld handles on the sides of the grill so that you can lift the grill up easily to get to the wood and ashes underneath.

All that's left to do now is to cut some wet wood into pieces then lay them at the bottom of your drum, set them alight, and you have effectively started your first smoking fire. Wrap the food in foil with holes in, place the food on the grill, close the lid, and let the food absorb all the wonders of the smoke while cooking at just the right temperature.

Making homemade smokers really isn't that difficult, is it?

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