How to Announce Your Engagement - Tips and Ideas to Guide You

Are you wondering how to announce your engagement?

So now you are engaged and you want everyone to know how happy you are about your future. Although shouting it from the rooftops might not be the most practical way to go, there are some forms of announcements that can still reach a lot of people, and be creative in the process.

First of all, it's important to let some people know before others. Although you might want to call up your best friends immediately or post a Facebook status update, your parents might not be pleased to find out a day or two later when they hear it from someone in the grocery store.

So, when it comes to how to announce your engagement, start with those that are closest to you. That goes for parents, children, and any other people that are constant in your life. In fact, if you have children, not only should they be the first people that you tell, they really should have been prepared beforehand, too. This news might be difficult for them, so extra care may need to be taken in this regard.

Tradition for how to announce your engagement states that the bride's parents are to be informed first, followed by the groom's parents. It's usually suggested, however, that they be told as close together as possible. So, if one of you wants to get on the phone and go to one room and the other wants to get on the other phone and go into the other room, then that is perfectly acceptable.

If you have a best friend or a close group of friends, then you might want to consider telling them individually. Most people that are close to you will appreciate being told individually, rather than by a large format which might make them feel "one of the crowd".

Once those that are closest to you have been told the happy news, then you are free to announce to the world the news of your engagement in whatever manner you think is best. With modern technology, the issue of how to announce your engagement has become easier than ever.

Social media is the simplest way of announcing your news, although it's not very personal. Still, if you want to reach those family members, friends, co-workers, and random people that you might not see on an everyday basis, then creating a clever Facebook status update, Tweet, or Myspace bulletin is certainly a way of getting the news out quickly.

Are you wondering how to announce your engagement such that everyone will learn the news? If you want everyone to know, then you can also publish a formal announcement in your local newspaper. You can accompany the announcement with an official portrait of the two of you, or simply let the words suffice. This is a good way of letting everyone know, as well as creating a keepsake for the two of you.

An engagement party can be another good way of how to announce your engagement and letting everyone know of your plans. It can be a surprise engagement party, at which you announce the news to everyone, or it can be spelled out on the invitations. An incentive to having a surprise engagement party is that guests won't feel obligated to bring gifts.

Nowadays, many people are choosing to create wedding websites. These are a good way of keeping track of your wedding guests, gifts that are purchased for you, and providing guests with information pertaining to travel arrangements and other need to know information. They can also be a way of announcing your engagement, especially if you combine the website with social media.

Of course, the traditional way of announcing your engagement is to do so with formal announcements that you actually mail out to everyone. Although this is time consuming and pricey when you take postage into consideration, many couples still prefer to be traditional and enjoy going this route of how to announce your engagement. Plus, you can save one of the announcements and have it as a keepsake.

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