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The engagement party is the first get-together a newly engaged couple shares with others. It is especially designed for the purpose of announcing the couple's plans, and for sharing their decision with family and friends.

It is also one of the few parties for the couple that does not require a gift, according to the experts. After all, this party, in most cases, is a surprise. Because there will always be people who are unaware and show up without a gift, it could cause embarrassment and therefore would be inappropriate. Gifts can come later - the bridal shower, bachelor / bachelorette parties, and then, of course, the wedding.

Many people who are invited to an engagement party, and are aware of what they are attending, opt to bring a gift anyway. Honoring the happy couple with an engagement party gift is acceptable if carried out within certain guidelines. Parents, close relatives and friends often wish to give large or expensive gifts, but these should not be given at the party itself.

The type of gifts given at engagement parties vary with the couple to be honored, the type of party, as well as the relationship of the guest and couple. Engagement party gifts the couple can share are most appropriate, as this party centers on the new couple.

Consider gift certificates or tickets to something you know they will both enjoy. A bottle of wine is always appropriate, as is champagne, a box of chocolate, or other candy or flowers - preferably a potted plant. Another possible gift is a basket including a booked set of romantic music and some candles scented to complement the music as well as the mood.

Practical items pertaining to the reception or wedding preparations are always appreciated as engagement party gifts, too. These would include such things as calendars, planners for each step of the months leading up to the wedding, bridal magazines, or other planning guidebooks ranging from engagement to honeymoon.

Wedding services, such as a baking service, the name of a caterer or someone who knows their way around a wedding cake, a reception dinner, or a camera would be welcome. Guests more intimate with the couple might consider a guest book, an ornate frame with a picture of the couple for the guest-receiving or gift table, or a personalized cake server.

Luxuriously scented candles are always considered impersonal enough to be appropriate as engagement party gifts, or you could get a subscription to a magazine the couple would both enjoy. A book on married life - serious or humorous, a book of poems, a book to help them prepare for the vows they wish to express to each other, or a personalized scrapbook or photo keeper to chart their course from this day to the day of the wedding; these are possible engagement gift ideas too.

Those with a more personal relationship with the couple might consider certificates to a professional photo studio for an engagement photo that can be presented with a frame, to a favorite restaurant presented in a miniature menu with a pressed flower, or to a couple's spa for a relaxing weekend.

Did you find any engagement party gift ideas which appeal to you? You can find many more ideas for great presents on the rest of this website, so be sure to browse or use the search function.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Engagement Party Gifts and Presents?

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