Practical Joke Gifts - Tips and Ideas for Fun and a Good Laugh

Practical joke gifts can be a blast when they're used the right way.

Knowing when to give them, though, can be difficult. After all, not everyone appreciates practical jokes, and they're not always appropriate to give.

Still, when the timing is right and the person enjoys them, few things can be as funny.

So when are some good times to give practical joke gifts?

Of course, bachelorette and bachelor parties are always good times for practical jokes. Gag gifts that include sexual items, balls and chains, cooking and cleaning supplies for the women, baby clothes, and other gifts that make fun of stereotypical domestic happenings are usually a good bet for these parties.

Practical jokes can also be funny birthday gifts, especially if the person is reaching a milestone. For a 30 or 40 year old, a cane, denture cream, bifocals, or fake senior citizen ID are all funny reminders that the person having the birthday is getting "over the hill."

If the person that you are buying for has a funny sense of humor, then gag gifts can often be great ways of buying them gifts without spending a lot of money. If you are doing "Secret Santa" at work, for instance, then practical joke gifts can be lighthearted and silly. A finger playing drum kit for their desk might help break up the monotony of the day, while fake lottery tickets can help them dream of the day when they no longer have to come into work at all!

There are also toilet humor jokes that might be best left to those people that you know really well, like close family members or friends. While these practical joke gifts might not be appropriate for everyone, they can still be pretty humorous. A portable fart machine, whoopee cushion, toilet monster, and "fart in a jar" are all silly gifts for those people who tend to have their mind in the.. toilet.

There are also some practical joke decorating items, such as trick candles, that can be used to lighten the mood, too. When combined with silly gifts, these can be a huge hit at a party that has a lighthearted feel to it.

If you know everyone at the party, then small gifts for all of the guests, such as "Billy Bob teeth" or "Pimp necklaces", can help everyone get into the mood and be prepared for some of the silly things to come later on in the evening when it's time to open gifts. Just make sure you have enough of these practical joke gifts for everyone!

For a serious party or affair, you might want to stay away from the practical jokes. However, for the casual party, wild and zany practical joke gifts are sure to be a big hit. Just make sure that you know the person really well before you invest in something that's too personal. The person will have to appreciate your sense of humor, and you'll have to appreciate theirs, if you want the gift to be a huge success.

Have fun, and have a good laugh!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Practical Joke Gifts?

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