Funny Birthday Gifts - Humorous Presents for a Laugh

Do you need some ideas for funny birthday gifts?

Whether you believe it or not, some birthdays are meant to be humorous, and they become funnier for the birthday person if he or she is showered with amusing gifts.

Man, woman, child, everyone is filled with a smile after receiving a witty birthday gift. And the importance and effect of funny birthday presents is even more so if the recipient has a wonderful sense of humor. Have a look at some of the funny birthday ideas for all genders and people in this article.

Funny Birthday Presents For Men

Choosing birthday gifts for men is a tricky task, but it becomes much easier if you intend to give a humorous gift. You can choose from the following amusing and funny birthday gifts for men:

  • Legal Basket: This witty basket carries a cheap bottle of vodka, a small 'throw-up' bucket and plastic short glasses. It is an ideal gift for those men who have just turned 18, because after 18 they are now of legal drinking age.

  • Funny T-Shirt: If the birthday man is a casual guy, then gift him a funny t-shirt with any funny saying written on it.

  • Toilet Clock: It is a fact - men tend to spend more time in the bathroom than women. So, what would be funnier than a toilet clock for men on their birthday? Add to that some humorous reading material and you have a wonderful and funny birthday gift.

Funny Birthday Presents For Women

If you are gifting a woman, funny birthday gifts need to be well thought out, because many women can take the witticism in a wrong way. Here are some great gift ideas for the woman who has a good sense of humor:

  • The Dirty Coffee Mug: This one is an interesting gift for the birthday woman who is always seen in her make-up. With a permanent lip-stick mark, this cup will make her confused whether it is her own lipstick mark or not.

  • The Ultimate "Ex" Revenge Cutlery Set: If the birthday girl has recently faced a break-up and you want to really give her a laugh on her birthday, then gift her with the Ultimate "Ex" Revenge Cutlery Set.

  • Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss: This one is a really funny prank birthday gift for women. In the shape of a toilet bowl, these lip glosses come in a variety of flavors and colors.

Funny Birthday Presents For Children

Children will always appreciate funny birthday gifts simply because they are children. Try the following humorous birthday gifts for the little ones:

  • Nose Pencil Sharpeners: Make your child laugh gifting him or her with the interesting nose shape pencil sharpeners.

  • Fake Tattoo Sleeves: This one is a perfect gift for teenagers who want to get a tattoo. A gift of fake tattoo sleeves will give them the chance of trying out the tattoo without permanent effects.

  • Umbrella Hat: If your children are sporting enough, then gifting them with umbrella hats is a really comical idea.

Birthdays can be made funny using pranks and funny activities, but they are nothing compared to funny birthday gifts. However, make sure that the birthday person has a good sense of humor; otherwise, gifts such as these could bring about a response which is opposite to what you were looking for.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Funny Birthday Gift Ideas?

Do YOU have some humorous ideas for birthday presents which could bring out a great laugh? Share and write about your great humor-filled birthday gift ideas here!

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