Romantic Dinner Ideas - Tips for an Evening of Love and Romance

Are you seeking fantastic romantic dinner ideas for you and your partner?

A romantic dinner is a wonderful way for you and your partner to connect. Romance is about establishing a sense of comfort and intimacy between the two of you in a safe place where you can share your feelings without feeling threatened.

For this reason, it's often the occasion and not the food itself that encourages romance.

When you're making a romantic dinner, there are some ideas and tips that you can use to make sure that you have a wonderful evening, an evening that you both will enjoy and that will keep you stress free and happy.

Here are some romantic dinner ideas and tips you could consider.

  • If you're surprising your mate, then just make sure time will allow the whole evening, but you might also want to send a special invitation. Some flowers with a note to her office will set the scene nicely, but an email will do.

  • Choose your food wisely. Make sure that you're preparing a meal that your mate will love, but doesn't go too far beyond your area of expertise. Remember that eating should be sensuous during this meal, so try to choose accordingly.

  • As part of romantic dinner ideas, be sure to set the scene. You don't do romance with bright lights and blaring music. Instead, if you're going to have music, keep it soft and dim the lights, or eat by candlelight. If you have a fireplace, start a fire when it's cold to encourage closeness and to offer a feeling of coziness.

  • If you want to set a table, do so with your special place settings and silverware, and add a touch of elegance to the table by using rose petals sprinkled on a fresh table cloth. Use unscented candles, and remember that flowers are a wonderful decoration for your centerpiece.

  • Don't feel as if you have to sit at your dinner table. A romantic dinner can be casual and take place by your coffee table, on the couch, or wherever you will feel most relaxed and at ease.

  • One romantic dinner idea you could consider is a picnic of fresh fruit salad on your bed. Make sure that you don't have juices that will spill all over, but enjoy a couple of glasses of wine together while lounging like the ancients did. Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and respite, so dining in here can encourage feelings of seductiveness and sensuality and heighten your awareness of one another.

  • If the two of you love the outdoors and it's a nice night, why not bring your romantic dinner ideas outside? Light a couple of tiki torches and accent lights and let the starry sky and warm breezes do the talking for you.

  • Don't forget dessert. Whether you're eating ice cream or chocolate dipped strawberries, you can take the time to feed each other and savor the sweet flavor of your choices.

Remember that romance which is forced is no fun, so take your romantic dinner ideas slowly and don't be too intense, or you could wind up making your partner feel uncomfortable.

Instead, be a little bit playful and encourage conversation that involves topics other than work and daily stress. Consider dreaming with your partner a little bit about places you would like to see, or where you would like to live when you're rich, and let the conversation flow smoothly and you'll find that you have created a romantic dinner that is just what both of you needed.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Romantic Dinner Ideas and Tips?

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