Romantic Date Ideas - Tips for Romance

Are you cracking your head for great romantic date ideas?

A romantic date is about more than just romancing a person you have feelings for - it's about making another person feel special by showing them all your good qualities.

Use this opportunity to show this special person the characteristics of your personality that you think are special and unique. When brainstorming on romantic date ideas, ask yourself what you would like to experience on a romantic date.

Nothing makes a person feel more romantic than the classic candle lit dinner complete with a roaring fire and lots of champagne. Serve enticing finger foods like oysters, prawns and lobster basted in an indulgent sauce and lying in a bed of rice. Any types of seafood have an exotic, extravagant flair which will get anyone diving in fingers first to satisfy the tingle of their taste buds.

For dessert, you can dip fresh, ruby red strawberries in castor sugar and then layer them with drippings of thick dark chocolate. Arrange the strawberries on a platter and spray waves of wiped cream on the edges to add a bit of color. Round this delectable culinary delight off with a glass of good quality port that has a fruity yet sweet flavor which you can drink while gazing at the blazing, twinkling stars.

To get some romantic date ideas, speak to that special person's friends and find out if he / she has a favorite place you could have a picnic at. The fact that you went through the effort of finding out something that means a lot to him / her will speak volumes about your character and personality. Pack a simple picnic of sandwiches and different flavored cheeses, and make sure you add their drink of choice to the basket. For a romantic touch, arrange the picnic for just before sunset so you can spend time absorbing the painted colorful sky while telling each other interesting stories of your life.

When it comes to romantic date ideas, know that the two things that ooze romance are fire and a beach. Buy or collect plenty of dry logs that you can use to make a bonfire on your local beach, as well as long sticks which you can use to roast marshmallows on. Take a beach blanket with you that has plastic on the one side and blanket on the other, so you can sit next to each other comfortably and enjoy the heat of the roaring fire.

Another romantic date idea is to take your date on an adventure at your local amusement park, where you can ride the rides and enjoy a meal together at the same place. Practice your shooting and ball throwing skills beforehand so you can win the biggest teddy bear at one of the stalls. Round your adventure off by buying ice cream and sitting on a bench in your local park to make sure you have plenty of time to get to know each other's personalities.

Before going on your date, spend some time thinking about what you would like to share with that special person about your life. Tell a funny story in the beginning of the date to break the ice and put both of you at ease. After that, the rest of your romantic date should be relaxed and enjoyable.

We hope you enjoyed the above romantic date ideas. Have fun!

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