Top New Year's Resolutions - Common Life Changing Efforts People Make

Are you wondering what the top New Year's resolutions are?

Trying to decide if you're going to make a resolution this New Year's? Wondering what everyone else decides to resolve to do? Then you need to know what the top New Year's resolutions are to decide if you should be making some of your own or not.

  • Right up there on the top of the list would be to quit smoking. Lots of those who smoke figure that there is no better time than New Year's to kick the habit. This is great news, but the bad news is that many people start back up within just a couple of weeks.

  • Spending more time with family and friends is becoming a much more popular resolution. This might be due to the fact that so many people have to work so hard to keep up with their day to day bills that family and friends are taking a back seat these days.

  • Another very commonly broken New Year's resolution is the effort to get fit and lose weight. Every year, people resolve to lose weight and get into shape, but this often turns out to be much more difficult than most people anticipate, so they drop the resolution within a couple of weeks.

  • Getting organized is another of the popular top New Year's resolutions, and it's one that commonly starts strong, but it has to be maintained. The key to getting organized starts with cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and getting everything into order. For some, this is a great fresh start, but for others, the cleaning is exhausting and frustrating. Start small and go from there.

  • Wondering what else are top New Year's resolutions? You might be surprised to find out how many people really want to stop drinking. If this is something that you think is starting to affect your life in all other areas, then you might be right in resolving to do so, but this can be a change that requires some help, so don't do it alone or you might find that you aren't as successful as you might like to be.

  • Another of the top New Year's resolutions which is commonly made is to become less stressed. The thing is that the way that people bust stress often is linked to other resolutions such as working out, so this is a good secondary resolution but is often hard to reach without help.

  • You might be wondering how you can get out of debt because the economy is so tough. With ever climbing gas prices, food prices that make it hard for anyone to avoid hunger and the lack of bonuses, raises and jobs in general, it can seem like it's nearly impossible to get out of debt, but when you take the right steps, you can increase your income, stop relying on credit cards and home equity loans, and start building your wealth the right way.

  • One would think that getting fit should be right with losing weight, but people actually count it as a separate resolution from getting fit. However, losing weight can have just as many healthy benefits as getting fit, so you should really try to stick with this one. Healthy lifestyle changes like changing the foods you eat are a really great start.

  • Don't forget that another common top New Year's resolution is to be more helpful. This means to be more giving or donate your time, money and supplies to others in need. Just remember that you have to be able to take care of yourself and your family before you donate large amounts of money to anyone.

Are you thinking of giving any of the above top New Year's resolutions a go?

Whatever your New Year's resolution, you'll do well to keep it if you stick with it and remember that you're not just making a resolution, you're trying to change your life.

All the best in your self improvement efforts!

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