Unique Father's Day Gifts - Ideas for Wonderful Presents for Dad

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for unique Father's Day gifts?

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to show your dad how special he is. Dads don't seem to get quite as much attention as Mom's do, so when the opportunity arises to show your dad that he is the best, you should capitalize on it to the best of your ability.

Whether your dad is a sports fanatic, cooking pro, or the kind of dad who loves to tinker with his car, there is always something unique and special that you can gift him with. Below you will find some great ideas for unique Father's Day gifts to help you choose just the right special present for your dad on Father's Day.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

  • Themed Gift Baskets: If your dad has a particular interest, a themed gift basket is a wonderful idea. For the mechanically inclined dad, a gift basket with some useful tools is a really neat idea. Add some car washing accessories such as a new chamois mitt and your dad will be really excited about his gift basket. Does your father love coffee? A gift basket with assorted coffees or a gift certificate for his favorite coffee bar and a new travel mug is sure to be a hit. Basically, you can theme a basket to any particular hobby of your father.

  • A Sports Package: Does your father love sports? Sports fans are always fun to buy gifts for. Pick his favorite team and search for a jersey or desk set with his favorite team's logo on it. How about tickets to a game? Make it a set of two so you can go together. If your dad likes to have his friends over for game days, a basket of 'game day' foods and drinks would be a welcome gift idea. Better yet, surprise him by preparing deli sandwiches and snacks yourself. The internet will have an endless assortment of sports themed gifts available. The hardest part of picking something out for the sports dad is limiting yourself to selecting just one item!

  • Something Personalized: Dads don't get very many things that belong just to them. This makes a personalized gift so special. A new robe with his initials on it, his own coffee mug, even a shirt with his initials, are all lovely and unique Father's Day gifts. If your dad is the old fashioned type, a set of initialed handkerchiefs is a really nice gift idea.

  • A Night / Day at The Movies: Need more tips for unique Father's Day gifts? Almost all dads love movies. How about a pair of tickets for just the two of you to see his favorite action hero at a matinee and lunch afterwards at his favorite deli? Is your dad more of a stay-at-home type? Prepare your own deli sandwich lunch or pizza dinner, supply loads of popcorn and licorice, and have a stack of movies for a stay at home movie marathon. Your dad will love spending the time with you as well as spending a day or evening relaxing with his favorite movies.

  • Class: Is there something your dad has always wanted to do or learn but hasn't found the time to do it yet? Sign him up for a scuba class, woodworking, or even a stained glass class. Is your dad more the academic type? How about creative writing, or ethnic cooking? There are numerous classes to choose from at your local college, or check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see if your city or town has any classes being offered. Such ideas can make really unique Father's Day gifts, specific to your dad's interests and passions.

  • Cooking Ideas: As with the above idea, if your dad loves to cook, perhaps a cooking class would be a welcome unique Father's Day gift. Does your dad like to grill? A personalized barbeque apron and new barbeque tools will be sure to please him. If money is not an object, or maybe you and your siblings want to go in together on one large gift, a new grill would be especially welcome to your dad. How about a basket full of his favorite grilling spices as well? Any dad who loves to cook will appreciate anything that he can use in the kitchen or on the patio.

    Any one of the above ideas for unique Father's Day gifts will be certain to make your father feel special on Father's Day. And if your budget isn't prepared to spending much money, think about a small picnic at the local park with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a football or baseball to toss back and forth. No unique Father's Day gift would please your dad more than just being able to spend time with you, his loved one.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Unique Father's Day Gifts?

    Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for unique Father's Day gifts? Share and write about these tips and ideas for cool presents for dads on Father's Day here!

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