Fun Valentine Party Games for Both Adults and Children

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for great and fun Valentine party games?

If you're having a Valentine's Day party, then you want to have the right games to keep everyone on your guest list entertained. No matter who you're having a party for, you're sure to find a great game that will keep everyone happy.

Here are some nice ideas for fun and interesting Valentine party games.

  • Write anonymous Valentine's notes from famous "secret admirers". For instance, you could write one from one of the Seven Dwarfs to Snow White that says something about loving her because she sings beautifully, even when she's cleaning up the house. You could even say something like, "I even cried when you ate the poison apple." You'll have to have a little knowledge of Disney characters, but even young children will likely know what you're talking about and you'll be sure to have everyone participating.

  • Get children going playing the "Cupid Stole my Valentine" game. For this Valentine party game, you'll want to have a bowl full of conversation hearts and enough chopsticks for each child. Then, you have each child try to get as many hearts as they can out of the bowl using only their chopsticks. When it's timed, it's more fun. You can give children about three minutes, but remember they cannot use their hands. This game gets kids laughing and interacting.

  • If you want to keep kids thinking, you can make a "Cupid's Tree" Scavenger hunt. Choose a branch that has many different branches and hang Cupid's clues on the branches. Let each child choose a clue that they can make or find to hang on the tree, for instance, a small hanging heart or other types of small decorations. Once the last clue is found, you can give out little Valentine's treats to the players.

  • Looking for Valentine party games which are fun and easy? Make a relay race where children (and adults) have to use their hands to unwrap as many chocolates as possible. The twist is that they have to wear winter gloves. Rubber gloves work well too. This game is fun and will have all of your guests laughing like crazy, and their reward is in the unwrapped chocolates.

  • For teachers who are looking for a way to keep kids engaged before the big Valentine's Day party starts, you might want to play the "Valentine's Day Make a Word" game. All you do is write "VALENTINE'S DAY" on the board and let your students find the words that the letters make. It's fun, keeps them thinking, and will be great for spelling practice that is so needed.

  • Consider the "Valentine Hide and Seek" game. This Valentine party game is a great way to keep kids guessing. Have them cover their eyes and hide a Valentine that is large enough for the children to see. Have each child look around the room and sit down when they see the Valentine. The first one who sits and answers correctly gets to hide the Valentine next time.

  • Looking for a way to help children burn off some energy and be moving? Consider playing "Pin the arrow on the cupid". It's just like "Pin the tail on the donkey", except you use arrows and a cupid. This Valentine party game is fun and children of all ages love to see where they put the arrow.

    These Valentine party games should give you some ideas to get started and keep your party guests happy too. Have lots of fun!

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