Fun Valentine's Day Games to Play at Your Party

Are you looking for some ideas for fun Valentine's Day games?

Game playing on Valentine's Day is becoming more and more popular. At one time it was more a day for expressing love and appreciation - one on one, while now the 'get together' or party is coming more into play.

And, of course, with the crowd comes entertainment. Ideas for games, activities and contests for both young and old for this special day can be found at many Valentine sites online; with links to additional sites endless.

A cute Valentine's Day game for any age is: "Hearts Anyone?" It's a game that has been around awhile and you might even know it by another name. Decorate several small glass dishes or even candle cups with several colors of very thin ribbon - be sure to curl the ribbon ends for a pretty effect.

Place these dishes at the elbows (or the edge of your playing area) of two opposing players with a dish of candy hearts between them. With a set of chop sticks, they must fill their little cups before presenting them to their sweethearts.

Scavenger hunts are always fun and don't have to be confined to running around the countryside looking for things on a list. Make your list a series of riddles that spells out where the ultimate prize is located. This might include something like: "I am two letters and often used when referring to a lover's hug and kiss", or: "You can see me best in the dark and twinkle, twinkle describes me well".

Or perhaps your list says something like this: "collect a penny from someone with a mustache or a hair tie; a pencil from a person wearing blue; or the hair tie keeping a ponytail in place."

Need more ideas for Valentine's Day games?

Older couples might enjoy dancing on a piece of paper starting with something the size of a newspaper page and then continually being folded in half at one to two minute intervals until couples are eliminated for no longer being able to stay on their page. This Valentine's Day game is fun!

And so is "Answer for Answer", which is also a version of a popular couple's game played by asking all the women four questions and then seeing if their men can guess their answers. Of course, roles can be reversed with additional questions and the winner is the one with the most same answers.

Word games are always fun and Valentine's Day games which involve words are no exception. Simple word associations can be used, such as: for the word "red", you might accept answers such as "hot", "heart", or "lips", and for "heart", you might accept such answers as "mine", "chocolate" or "soul". Anything pertaining to love, romance or Valentine's Day will do.

Some like to use romantic song or movie titles such as: "Romeo and _____ (Juliet)" or "You Light up my _____ (Life)". Let couples stand or sit in a line together and take turns naming off things that go together. Couples are eliminated when they cannot think of anything. For younger crowds, use heart puzzles that have been made, cut out and distributed among the players.

We hope you and your party guests enjoy playing these Valentine's Day games. Have fun!

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Fun Valentine's Day Games to Play at Your Party

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