Inspiring Valentine Poetry - Touching Love Poems to Express Your Feelings

Are you thinking of using Valentine poetry to express your feelings to your significant other?

Valentine's Day is a great holiday to express your love for your valentine with sentimental poetry. You can write your own poetry or you can choose from the hundreds of poems about love that can be found.

Here are some samples of Valentine poetry, which include both original poems as well as those compiled from various sources on the internet. You can use them to tell your valentine this year how special he or she is to you.

The following are pieces of original Valentine poetry from us.

Dear Valentine, I'm so happy to say
That forever with you I will stay
Through thick and thin, rain and storm
Our strands of love will never be torn

From the first day I saw you I knew I was in love
A bolt of love lightening struck me from above
I promise to have and hold you forevermore
I know that there are great things in store

Your kiss and your touch send chills down my spine
I'm smiling so big just knowing you're mine
I want you to know on this very special day
That I'm in love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Use Valentine poetry to tell your partner how special he or she is, and how much you love him or her.

They say love is a game of easy come and easy go
I say love is a mystery that is meant to grow
From a tiny seedling to a gigantic tree
With water and nourishment being the key

Our love has grown in so many ways
It has blossomed wonderfully over the days
As we've opened our hearts to each other in delight
As we've romanticized each other day and night

My love for you has become as strong as an ox
So much so, that I've wrapped you a little gift in this box
Open with care, as it is fragile you see
It is a token of my love, for you my valentine, love me.

Here are a couple more pieces of Valentine poetry which we have written:

This Valentine's Day I want you to know that you are my precious baby boo.
I've fallen into an endless sea of liquid love and I've gone mad for you.
Your delicious scent intoxicates my mind.
You're such an incredible find.

I would have never thought I'd find my true love, my soul mate.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say it has to be fate.
Because I wasn't looking and searching for romance or love
But cupid's arrow came fast and furious from above.

I've been hit with the love bug and I really can't say
That I've ever been so full of passion and joy up until this day.
You're on my mind day and night, it's true.
I don't know how I ever lived without you.

Oh valentine, valentine, how you drive me crazy with your touch.
Your beautiful eyes, lips, and kiss are almost too much.
I hope we are together forever, till death do us part.
Because our fine romance has had one heck of a start!

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
You've listened, encouraged, and always help me see.
That love is stronger than most people understand.
That sometimes all we need is a helping hand.

You're generous, loving, kind, and sweet.
You're like a Cracker Jack box's special treat.
You shine like the sun and beam like the moon.
I fell for you not a moment too soon.

Happy Valentine's Day, my lover, my friend.
I hope we're together until the very end.
From this day forward I promise to be
Your devoted spouse: "Will you marry me?"

Did you like any of the above pieces of Valentine poetry?

Or perhaps they may have inspired you to write your own Valentine poetry?

Below are some samples of Valentine poetry which we have compiled from elsewhere. The original sources of these love poems are not known.

Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.
For love has no parameters
And does not end with time,
But is the gift of paradise,
A pinch of the sublime.
So let us take this holiday to resubmit our love
To those within that know no sin and with the angels move.

I may not always tell you what I'm feeling deep inside
The emotions and the feelings that I sometimes tend to hide
But I'm really proud and pleased to know that you are mine
And I hope that you still love me my darling valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to the most beautiful woman.
Your face is lovely, your lips so inviting.
You're my angel, my lover, my friend.
I'm yours today, tomorrow, and forever.
Love has infected me.

Here are more pieces of touching and inspiring Valentine poetry which we found.

How much can one person love another?
A universe exists in time and space,
Placed within the boundaries of one place,
Pressed into a point far from forever.
Yet love comes to us from some quite other,
Visiting our sorrow with its grace,
Answering our rage with its embrace,
Lending us the wisdom of its wonder.
Even as I say this, you are there,
Nestling in where need undoes the day,
Taking up your small infinity.
Inside my window, you are everywhere,
Nor could I tell how much such love might weigh,
Even were it salient as the sea.

Do you like any of these samples of Valentine poetry? Which is your favorite poem so far?

Everything I've longed for
You've made my dreams come true.
But the greatest gift of all
Is being loved by you
With love on Valentine's Day.

You are beautiful, it's true.
I love to be around you.
You are kind and smart and I'm glad I'm your valentine.
Love bursts through my skin and I'm so glad you're mine!

Use Valentine poetry to express your heartfelt feelings to your significant other.

Better still, write your own Valentine poetry to tell your partner how special he or she really is.

Valentine's a day to say, "I love you,"
A ritual that stages something real,
Letting out the truth of what I feel
Even as I think it often of you.
Nor could I with such grace without this day
Tell you that I'm grateful that I have you,
Impress upon you just how much I need you,
Needing such a frame for what I say
Even as I would my heart reveal.

Roses are red, violets are blue
I made this card just for you
It's not the neatest, it wouldn't pass a test
but it's made with love, and that makes it the best.

Do you like any of the above pieces of Valentine poetry? Found any love poem which you would like to use?

You can also use your creative side and make up your own love poems and Valentine poetry for your special someone. It doesn't necessarily have to rhyme. The important thing is that it comes from your heart.

Try it! Write your own Valentine poetry, and you might well enjoy it very much.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Valentine Poetry and Love Poems for Valentine's Day?

Do YOU have in mind some great tips and ideas for romantic, inspiring, meaningful or heartwarming Valentine poetry? Share and write about these ideas and tips for love poems for Valentine's Day here!

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