Wedding Band Engraving Ideas - A Message for a Lifetime

Are you cracking your head for some inspired wedding band engraving ideas?

Although your wedding is an enormously romantic affair, you can take it one step further by having something special engraved onto your wedding bands.

Whatever you decide to engrave onto your wedding bands should be something really special to you and your partner - something that will be with you for life. Following are a few wedding band engraving ideas to help you to decide.

Something really classic that never goes out of fashion and is very popular with brides and grooms, is your names and your wedding date. If there is not enough space for your full name, your initials can be used instead. Right now, all you can think of is your upcoming wedding, but this type of engraving is very helpful in years to come, for someone who is researching family history.

Having the word "Forever" engraved on your wedding band is really profound. This will show your intentions to stay together forever, and will remind you of this promise everyday. Your initials and wedding date can be included with this engraving.

Some other popular wedding band engraving ideas are "Together Forever", "Eternally", "To Infinity", and the ever classic, "Yours Always". There are numerous other romantic sayings that can be engraved onto your wedding bands, and these can be found on this website for you to choose from at your leisure.

There are also many sentimental engraving ideas, such as "Amen, "Remember", "Two Friends Become One", and simply, "Yours". Some engravings are humorous and yet just as romantic to the couple involved - these include "Taken", "Put It Back On", Gotcha", and "Mine".

Something that only you and your partner understand is also a great wedding band engraving idea, and is also popular. This engraving will refer to a private joke between the two of you, and will constantly remind you of your early days together, as your married life goes on.

Of course, if your wedding band is wide enough to allow for it, complete sentences can be engraved onto the wedding band. It could be a favorite song, poem, or quotation from the Bible.

There are two very important things to remember when deciding on wedding band engraving ideas. The first is that the wedding band must be the correct size before the engraving is done. If the wedding band needs to be adjusted before the wedding, then there could be a risk of the engraving being damaged in the process.

Secondly, a lot of thought needs to be taken into account before actually having the engraving done. It is important that the inscription will be as timeless as the romance that it represents. For example, a quote from a movie might be appropriate at the time, but may mean absolutely nothing in years to come.

It is also very important to check and re-check the spelling of your engraving before having it done. If there is a mistake in your engraving application, it will be there as long as the inscription is - forever.

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