40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Ideas for Fine Presents

Are you in need of inspiration and ideas for 40th wedding anniversary gifts?

Known as the ruby anniversary, the 40th wedding anniversary has become another important milestone among the yearly celebrations. It is a great accomplishment to get beyond the 25 year mark and move into the 30's and then the ten years before the golden years of a couple's life.

The ruby, symbolizing the passion of a marriage, is the gem associated with the 40th wedding anniversary. This holds true as each ruby has long been believed to possess an eternal inner flame which gives it not only its beauty, but its brilliance as well. It also represents life and strength.

Because it represents such an important time in a couple's walk together, special meaning is often given to the 40th wedding anniversary gift.

For women gifting another woman, it might mean culminating her years of accomplishments into something that recognizes her talents as well as her life. For instance, if she has been an avid sewer or quilter, a handmade quilt put together by the people who love her will be priceless.

It can be meaningful to both the woman and the man by including accomplishments from both of their lives. If the man has been in the military, or he is a golfer or a contractor, all of these events can be pictured in a quilt, with the names and dates of the births of their grandchildren.

This could also work well with a photo or scrapbook type album with contributions from the whole family and mementos representing all the highlights of the couple's journey together - special trips, accomplishments marking their professions, talents, or family.

What other ideas for 40th wedding anniversary gifts are there?

If the couple is very active in the lives of their family, a dinner or other get-together, up to or including a weekend at a resort, by the lakeside or in the country (depending on available funds), can be a 40th wedding anniversary gift that has as much meaning as something wrapped and handed to them. Did you know there was a ruby mine in Cherokee, North Carolina? Be sure to include plenty of sparkling ruby red wine for the occasion, or champagne served in ruby red stemware along with an appropriate poem or toast. It could also be the perfect occasion to renew wedding vows.

If something needs to be handed to the couple, there are plenty of appropriate 40th wedding anniversary gifts for the occasion - including balloons, candle ware, picture frames or jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or a brooch for women and cufflinks, tie clips or rings for men. Men also enjoy necklaces and earrings as well; and husbands might consider red lingerie for their wives.

When brainstorming on 40th wedding anniversary gifts and presents, also consider the nasturtium, which is the official flower of the 40th anniversary. But since red is the official color, any of the red flowers will work well, including roses - 40 may be a bit expensive, but oh, what a bouquet!

If the couple enjoys gardening or flowers / plants of any type, they may prefer live potted plants or silk cut flowers. If a favorite flower or plant that is not red is preferred, go with red pots to present them in.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Presents?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and gift ideas for 40th wedding anniversary presents? Share and write about these ideas for 40 year wedding anniversary presents here!

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