30 Year Anniversary Gifts - Great Ideas for Presents

Are you searching for good ideas for 30 year anniversary gifts?

Although the 30th wedding anniversary is nestled between the 25th and 50th anniversaries - both more widely celebrated, the commitment of three decades is fast gaining popularity.

Gifts for a couple who has been married 30 years should represent the relationship as well as consider their individual tastes. When determining what to give, consider the traditional, the modern, your relationship, as well as your intimate knowledge of the couple, each other, or your spouse.

The pearl is the traditional 30 year anniversary gift. Consider pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, or a pearl necklace for the woman; and / or a pearl tie clip, pearl cufflinks, or a pearl-faced watch for the man.

Because the traditional gift is the pearl, you might try pearls of wisdom or pearls in poetry; personalized, of course, for the anniversary as well as to the couple's personalities. (Or wives can give a romantic anniversary poem for your husband, as can him to her.) Either would make the perfect gift to an anniversary couple.

The 30th wedding anniversary is also signified by the versatile lily, which comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. For 30 year anniversary gifts, consider a bouquet of lilies, as well as decorating with lily petals and / or their fragrance (candles, bath and body accessories, etc.).

Other neutral gifts might include keepsake boxes accented with pearl, or a pearl picture frame with the couple's picture.

The children or grandchildren of the couple are generally comfortable giving personal or more intimate 30 year anniversary gifts - pieces of clothing or other gifts pertaining to things other people may not know, whereas friends and acquaintances may opt for the more impersonal gifts. Either can choose from a host of items, large or small, numbering thirty pieces. It is a fun way to celebrate a thirty year wedding anniversary, with each piece of the gift representing a year of marriage.

Some more ideas for 30 year anniversary gifts - try a bouquet of thirty tiny lilies, thirty brand new screw driver tips for an existing electric drill, a new fishing pole with 30 pieces of tackle, a basket filled with 30 items in a favorite color or style or collectibles (thimbles, for instance), or a beautiful box with 30 pieces of a favorite chocolate in it. Children can give coupons promising 30 hugs and / or kisses, 30 hands that will be willing to help - washing dishes, taking out the garbage, sweeping the porch or garage, etc.

A gift certificate is another way to let someone know how much you care. A coupon entitling the couple to a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast, a certificate inviting the couple to dine at a fine restaurant, or a certificate for an intimate candlelit dinner in their own home would all be lovely.

Another appropriate 30 year anniversary gift for a couple married for 3 decades is to host a party in their honor - this is especially true if they are well known in the community, and would be especially lovely outdoors in the late spring or summer.

A brunch with family accompanied by a huge basket of items wanted or needed - a bath and body set for her with several candles and a collection of books by a favored author. For him, a monogrammed robe or towel that has been made to wrap and fasten around the waist with some after shave or cologne. Again, reading material that is to his liking should be included. Add a bottle of their favorite spirits with a couple of glasses and the stage is set for many relaxed evenings.

Have you found any 30 year anniversary gift ideas which interest you?

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30 Year Anniversary Gifts - Great Ideas for Presents

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