80th Birthday Party Ideas - Celebrating Eighty Years of Life

Need some inspired 80th birthday party ideas?

An 80th birthday is a major landmark event, and if you're lucky, your 80 year old is spry and fun loving, but many people of this age are more than a little set in their ways and expect a certain amount of "manners" and rules to be followed all the time.

For this reason, planning an 80th birthday party for someone can be a really hard task. You can, however, make sure it's a celebration worth remembering by incorporating some fun ideas.

Take your guest of honor back in time

One possible 80th birthday party idea is to take the birthday boy or girl back in time. This can be especially fun for all of the guests at your party. Consider using music or hiring a band and set up the party much like it would have been in your guest of honor's younger years. This might require a bit of research, but it can be especially fun for all of your guests if you can get the "feel" of the party right.

When your guest of honor was younger, what did he love to do on a big night out? Go dancing? Did he get all dressed up to go to a night at the movies? You'll have to talk to your guest of honor and get him involved with the 80th birthday party ideas, but this can offer all of your guests lasting memories.

Incorporate lots of photos

If your guest of honor has a good sense of humor, try to get all kinds of funny photos from his younger years. You can mix some funny anecdotes or narration with photos of the really big moments, such as wedding pictures, family photos and pictures of your guest of honor having fun through all the stages of life. Consider creating a slideshow so all of your guests can enjoy the special moments in your guest of honor's life - now that's some 80th birthday party idea.

Sometimes, quiet is better

You might decide that having a quiet 80th birthday party is better, and that's fine, too. When you're having a birthday party of this kind, consider keeping it simple. 80th birthday party ideas like a cake, your guest of honor's favorite meal, and some good company might be all you need to make the celebration special.

Remember that you don't always have to give extravagant gifts to a person who is turning 80; sometimes, something that is truly heartfelt and took a bit of extra effort is all you need to make him happy. Unless your guest of honor is really into technology (yes, some 80 year olds are), try to stick with something traditional, such as a scrapbook of their lives or a favorite photo in an all-new frame.

No matter what type of 80th birthday party you choose to have, keep in mind that what your guest of honor wants and how he wants to celebrate is the most important. When considering 80th birthday party ideas, pay attention to his sensibilities and where he is in his life. Even though you may want to have a big bash for your guest of honor, it might not matter so much, as long as there is love, happiness and the celebration of a rich life, with the hope of more good years to come.

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What Are YOUR Favorite 80th Birthday Party Ideas?

Do YOU have some fine ideas for throwing a fantastic eightieth birthday party? After all, turning eighty is a big deal! Share and write about your great 80th birthday celebration ideas here!

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80th Birthday Party Ideas - Celebrating Eighty Years of Life

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