Birthday Cake Designs - Ideas You Could Explore

Want to make your own cake and wondering what birthday cake designs you could use?

Three luscious tiers of chocolate-vanilla marble. Dirty iced and covered with fondant. A hand stamped golden brick pattern leading to a city of shimmering sugar emeralds on the top tier. A girl and her dog, a man made of metal, the king of the jungle, and a scarecrow, all made of molding chocolate.

What exactly am I describing? The cake I made for my mother's fiftieth birthday last year. A far cry from the 8x11 sheet cakes, sloppily frosted and a barely legible, "Happy Birthday" scribbled across the front that she made for me as a little girl.

Birthday cake designs and cake decorating have come leaps and bounds since then. Think you're not capable of such outlandish and extravagant baking craftsmanship? I beg to differ. No need to order your next celebration's cake from a "professional." There are plenty of ways to create your very own masterpiece at home. With the right tools, some practice, and a little patience, your work is bound to be a hit at any function. And who knows, you might even impress others enough that they'll hire you out for baking in the future!

The most difficult part of getting into birthday cake designs and cake decorating is just getting started. It's easy to see something that Buddy from the hit show, Cake Boss, creates and say, "see, I could never do that." Well, your first mistake is trying to be that good right away. Search for inspiration anywhere.

Can't decide what junior wants for his cake this year? Start with the theme of your party and move forward with your birthday cake design from there. A pirate theme is greatly enhanced with a cake in the shape of a flag with a skull and crossbones across the top. Have a little Cookie Monster fan? Decorate his cake to look like a giant chocolate chip cookie!

Maybe your mother just likes pretty, feminine things. Make her a square cake, decorated up like a gift, complete with a fondant bow. A little knowledge about the interests of the special birthday boy / girl can go a long way when seeking inspiration for a unique, one-of-a-kind birthday cake design!

If you're still serious about this cake stuff, you've got to have a few key materials handy. Make sure you have rectangular sheet pans of various sizes, and a few round pans of progressing sizes, as well. If you look in the right places, you can even find cake pans in very specific shapes, such as a baby carriage, a star, etc., that will make this project even easier for you.

Other things you will need include fondant (store bought or you can dare to home-make it using a recipe found online), modeling chocolate, and various types of candies. Think of a rainbow made of jellybeans, or using chocolate kisses as accents. You can go a million ways with this - don't hold back your creativity!

As mentioned before, probably the best place for inspiration is the one you're making the cake for. However, there are some great places you can look on the world wide web. Check out Wilton's home page or Disney's Family Fun Magazine site and you can search through hundreds of birthday cake design images.

Beyond that, go to any search engine, click on the "images" function, and search to your heart's desire! You're bound to find something that you will be more than capable of creating, but will also bring a smile to that special someone's face when she sees that cake you worked so hard on!

See, told you you could do it! Now that you know a little bit more about birthday cake designs and cake creation, you should be comfortable with trying it out on your own. Start brainstorming and using the resources provided here, and you're well on your way to being the hit of the party! Good luck!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Birthday Cake Designs?

Do YOU have in mind some creative or special designs and themes for birthday cakes? Share and write about your great birthday cake ideas here!

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