Make Your Own Birthday Invitations - Tips, Ideas and Steps

Here, you will learn how to make your own birthday invitations.

When you're throwing a big birthday bash for yourself or someone else, it can be a really fun idea to make your own homemade invitations. There are a lot of ways to go about this, and we'll get to those in a moment.

First things first, you've got to decide the who, what, when, and where aspects of your party. Get out some notebook paper and decide on how you want to word your invitation. You'll need to include the purpose of the party, who the guest of honor is, the day and time of the party (also be sure to include the day of the week), where the party will be held, and how to get there.

When you make your own birthday invitations, you may also want to let your guests know any special circumstances (i.e. if you're throwing a pool party, tell them to bring a bathing suit). Also decide if you'll require an RSVP to the party and how you'd like to be contacted (via e-mail, phone, or response card).

As you make your own birthday invitations, the next thing you've got to consider is if there will be a theme for your party and if you want to tie that into your invitation. If you're having a Hawaiian-style luau, include hibiscus flowers, leis, and perhaps an outline of the Hawaiian Islands on your invitation. Now that you've got these aspects hammered out, making the actual invitations will be a snap.

One way you could go about this is to physically make your own birthday invitations using cardstock paper. You can purchase this at any local craft store. Be sure to have some glue, glitter, and any other embellishments and supplies that catch your eye handy, too.

You'll want to give some thought to the design and layout of your card before you glue things together. Put together maybe two or three different design ideas and then decide which you like the most, or perhaps, which will be the easiest for you to complete. Then start cutting and pasting together.

Once that is complete, you can begin using a calligraphy pen or marker to write the invitation wording that you've already decided upon. After this, feel free to embellish with glitter, rhinestones, or anything else you've chosen. Be sure to let everything dry before putting your card into an envelope and mailing it. Don't go too crazy, though, or you may be required to add more postage!

Another great option for you to make your own birthday invitations, that's growing rapidly in popularity, is to send e-mail invitations, also called e-vites. There are literally hundreds of sites on the internet that you can use to create custom invitations for your birthday party. And the beauty is, most of them are free, or at least have free options that you can use.

Another handy feature is that they typically have themed e-vites already done up, or you can start from scratch and totally make your own birthday invitations. Yet another handy feature of this type of invitation is that they come with a convenient "click to RSVP" button, and people are more likely to RSVP right away if they can.

These are also faster to create and require much less actual labor to put together. However, this type of invitation will be most convenient only if all of your guests have e-mail and internet access.

As you can see, you've got some options if you want to make your own birthday invitations. Depending on how much time you've got on your hands, and your level of craftiness, either way is a great choice. Remember to make it personal and fun - just like the party you're throwing will be!

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