Baby Shower Verse - Sayings and Quotes, Tips and Ideas

Are you searching for a great baby shower verse you could use?

Here are some samples of baby shower quotes and sayings you could use, as well as some tips and ideas for coming up with your own.

There are so many baby shower sayings, quotes and verses available. They are usually short, one-liner sayings that may or may not rhyme, and are used for baby shower invitations or cakes.

If you are the hostess of a surprise baby shower, you will find these short verses, cute, sassy, and a fun way to invite your guests. Of course, if it is not a surprise shower, be sure to consult the mom-to-be as to what her preferences are.

Here are some short, though catchy baby shower verses that will help to set the mood of your celebration.

  • Save the date.
  • Bottles and bootees, diapers and pins, this is where the love begins.
  • So sweet and so cuddly, cute and fun, we're expecting a new little one!
  • Cuddly as a cloud, gentle as the night, a baby is the sweetest delight.
  • Someone special, someone dear, someone new to love is here.
  • We reached for the stars and got an armful of heaven.
  • A new baby will be fluttering in shortly..
  • They're expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy, a very special gift, be it a girl or a boy.
  • We have the formula for fun! It's a baby shower!
  • Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are..
  • Sugar and spice, he (she's) made our world nice.

Here are a few useful baby shower verses and quotes if twins are on the way..

  • Two by two they came, different, but the same.. Twins.
  • Our blessing has been doubled.. twins.
  • Twice as precious and twice as much fun, we've been blessed two times, rather than one.

More really cute baby shower verses..

  • Oh baby!
  • Yeah baby!
  • Baby cakes.
  • The forecast says there's a baby shower on the way.
  • The sweetest things come in small packages.
  • Pretty in pink, and oh so sweet!
  • 50% Mom and 50% Dad.
  • Come celebrate the sweet miracle of adoption at (name)'s shower.
  • Let's celebrate (name)'s second bundle of joy!
  • The (name) family has grown two feet!
  • Come celebrate Team (name) little slugger!

Following are a few tips and ideas on how you can create your own baby shower verse.

  • For personalized gifts, where space is limited, a one-line verse is all you need. To create an effective verse, have a word in the middle of the verse rhyme with a word at the end.

  • If the baby already has a name, then this name can be used in the verse, together with the new parents' names. Write down words that rhyme with the name, and then construct the verse.

  • Four line verses are popular as a baby shower saying or verse. The easiest way to write such a verse, is to have the second and fourth line rhyme.

  • Remember, it is not really necessary for poetry to rhyme - metaphors and imagery can be used to create beautiful verbal pictures.

Finally, if you really can't think of a suitable baby shower verse of your own, get tips from greetings cards or other people's poetry for some inspiration.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Baby Shower Verses, Sayings and Quotes?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for baby shower sayings, verses and quotes? Share and write about these tips and pointers for baby shower quotes, sayings and verses here!

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