Baby Shower Verses - Catchy and Fun Sayings and Quotes

While baby shower verses are often short, one-liners, they can virtually say anything.

They may rhyme or they may not. They may give away details such as gender or twins, adoption or inducement date, etc. It just depends on what the person giving the shower wants to reveal - simple and sweet, a poem, cute and fun, or it's a surprise.

Deciding on the baby shower invitation wording can be disheartening for some. You want the baby shower verse to be clever, cute, and also saying just the right thing to announce the birth of such an important addition to the world. The words, you see, are the first impressions the would-be guests have about the shower, the baby, and the mother to be.

They can be as simple as "Oh Baby!", "It's a baby!", or "Yeah Baby!", to: "The forecast says there's a baby shower on the way!", "A baby is a gift from God", or "Come wish Rebecca a Happy Labor Day at her baby shower!" A personal favorite is: "The Maxwell's family has grown by two feet!"

For baby shower verses for an adoption, there is: "Come celebrate the sweet miracle of adoption at Suzanne's Baby Shower!" For a second child, you can use: "Let's celebrate Katie's second bundle of joy!" And for twins there is: "Heather and Jeff are doubly blessed!"

You can also use your invitation to introduce guests to the theme of your shower. These are old tried and true standbys, but they will get the point across. Think rain (shower) and try either. "Nine month forecast! A baby is predicted; but first there will be a Shower." And then there is this version: "Heard the forecast? A baby is coming; but first there will be a Shower!"

Some generic suggestions for baby shower verses might be: "Come celebrate a precious baby dear, But you'd better hurry 'cause he / she is almost here!" or "One daughter (or son) was so much fun; John and Jill thought they'd have another one!" And lastly: "Precious is he / she and Oh So Sweet! Tiny hands and adorable feet!" or "Tiny hands and great big feet!"

Need more ideas for baby shower verses and sayings?

Some generic quick liners might go like this: "Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Boy or Girl? No one knows!" or "Little hands, little feet; Pure and precious; Oh So Sweet!" or try: "Come celebrate our gift of love Sent to us from heaven above."

For those who know they are having a boy, consider these baby shower verses: "Bibs and bottles, Diapers and pins; A new little boy's where fun begins!" Inspirational boy might go something like: "We have been blessed with a boy from above; A precious son for us to love!" Then there is simply: "Oh the miracle and the joy, Mary's having a baby boy!"

If your bundle of joy is a girl, there is always baby shower sayings and quotes such as: "Sugar and Spice, Baby girls are oh, so nice!" or "We are tickled pink and happy to say a darling baby girl is on the way!"

And last but not least, for the twins: "Double the trouble, double the fun. Life with twins has just begun!" or "Double the diapers, double the toys, Guess who's having 2 little Boys!"

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