Baby Shower Cake Designs

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Whenever you're presenting a cake at a party, you want it to be poignant, thoughtful, and memorable. And if the party you're throwing happens to be a baby shower, there is a plethora of baby shower cake ideas to think about.

Size, shape, color, wording... there are thousands of options out there. The broad options are as follows: sheet cakes, layered cakes, and cupcakes. Even if you're thinking, "What? I've never baked a cake before in my life.." There's hope for you yet when it comes to baby shower cake designs.

If you're insistent upon making the cake yourself, but aren't exactly a baker, you can start simple with a basic baby shower cake design, by just making a sheet cake. Size the cake based on the number of guests coming to the get-together - the last thing you want is to run out of cake!

Bake your sheet cake, let it cool, and frost it. You can go to websites such as and access free recipes for homemade frosting, or you can buy it pre-made from your local supermarket. A good idea is to buy or make a white or vanilla frosting. This way, you can divide your frosting into separate bowls and add a few drops of yellow, red, or blue to make pastel baby colors.

A great design is a swirl of pink, yellow, blue, and white. You can make this look by thickly frosting the cake with white. Then you will add blobs of each color by the spoonful, spread out randomly on the cake. You then take a hot butter knife (let it sit in boiling water for a minute or so) and gently make swirls and figure-eights through just the top layer of frosting. You can complete this cake with some simple wording done in a darker color.

How about more complicated baby shower cake designs?

If you're a bit more of an advanced baker, you can use multiple sizes of cake pans to make a layered cake. After your cakes have been baked and cooled, you can make your different bowls of frosting.

Starting with the bottom layer, frost in the color of your choice. Once that layer has been frosted, center the next cake and then frost in another color. Center the top layer and frost in the third color. Pick up a cake decorating set (Wilton brand kits can be found at many superstores and craft stores and run for about twenty dollars) and some icing bags.

Using the white frosting you still have left, edge each layer and, wherever two cakes meet, put some edging there as well. You can be creative here, just don't over do it! On the top layer, you can get a centerpiece for your cake from a craft store. You could get a plastic stork, baby carriage, or baby blocks.

How about baby shower cake designs which are somewhere in between, in terms of their degree of complexity?

A baby shower cake design that might seem a little less intimidating than a layer-cake but more elaborate than a sheet cake is cupcakes. Bake your cupcakes (be sure to use cup-cake baking liners) and let them cool. Whip up a few batches of frosting in varying baby-friendly colors, and frost away to your heart's desire.

Using the cake decorating tip, you'll have so many options for how to decorate. Look on the web for suggestions on textured cupcakes, lettering, and creating life-like objects with your cupcakes.

Using the ideas here, and throwing in some creativity of your own, you have plenty of baby shower cake designs to choose from. Don't forget to have a little fun while you're at it!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Baby Shower Cake Designs?

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