Cool Baby Shower Themes - Great Ideas and Tips for a Wonderful Party

Do you need ideas and inspiration for cool baby shower themes?

Baby showers have become very common and quite popular in today's society. A baby shower can be as simple or as extravagant as you can imagine.

From straightforward to extreme, one of the easiest ways to make the planning of any baby shower go smoothly is by having a theme. A theme will enable you to have easier choices in planning and preparing your baby shower, from decorations to food. Below are a few examples of some cool baby shower themes.

Baby Boy Shower Theme

A sports theme is perfect for a baby boy shower. Most people envision their little Jr. as the next big sports star, so moms and dads alike will love a sports theme for their soon-to-be.

Decorations are a snap for a sports theme, as is the menu. Even shower games can revolve around a particular sport, such as basketball or hockey, with things like stainless steel water bottles or coffee mugs with sports logos on them for prizes / gifts. Or you could just focus on sports in general. Many stores are full of sporty baby shower gifts, so you won't have any trouble finding just the right gift for that upcoming baby boy.

Baby Girl Shower Theme

How about cool baby shower themes for girls?

It seems that the most popular theme for a baby girl shower is the 'Pink Theme'. Pink is the color usually associated with girls and when choosing an uncomplicated pink theme, it can simplify your baby shower enormously. Decorations are a snap as you can find pretty much everything you need in pink, such as balloons, table cloth, paper plates and napkins, and even a bouquet of flowers for the table centerpiece can be made of an assortment of pink flowers.

There is an unlimited supply of pink items for baby girls, so you should have no trouble coordinating your baby shower gifts to match this cool baby shower theme.

Unique Baby Shower Themes

Many people choose not to know the gender of their baby prior to birth. The element of surprise is something to look forward to. If you don't know what gender the new baby will be, it shouldn't stop you from staging a themed baby shower. Here are more cool baby shower themes you could consider.

  • ABC: The ABC's are an integral part of growing up and a very popular theme for room decorations and such. Using the ABC's can be fun for a baby shower theme, and it won't matter if the baby is a boy or a girl, the ABC's are for everyone.

  • Marine Theme: Another interesting theme for a baby shower is a marine theme. You can find all sorts of interesting items to use as decorations, and can even have background music from a classic Disney movie, 'The Little Mermaid' or 'Finding Nemo'. In fact, either one of those movies would make an ideal baby shower gift for a marine themed shower.

  • Jungle Theme: Need more ideas for cool baby shower themes? How about choosing a jungle baby shower theme for something fun and exciting. Gifts could be stuffed animals of the jungle, decor is fun - shred some green construction paper to make hanging vines, play a shower game 'pin the tail on the zebra', and make your appetizers resemble 'jungle' type creatures, such as a boa constrictor made out of wrapped ham and cream cheese tortillas.

  • Footprint Theme: Most babies have their footprints taken right at birth. This is an easy theme to decorate for by simply cutting footprints out of assorted colored paper and placing / hanging them about the area. A cake can easily be made in the shape of a footprint, and so can small tea sandwiches. A nice gift idea for a footprint themed shower could be a plaster-of-paris kit for molding baby's foot, or a footprint themed scrapbook page or book. Isn't this a cool baby shower theme?

Ways to Choose a Baby Shower Theme

And here are some general tips to help you with choosing cool baby shower themes.

  • Creativity: Be creative. If you know the expecting couple, try and find something that suits their tastes. Research the rest of this website for unique ideas that will make your baby shower stand out.

  • Gender: If you know the baby's gender, have a suitable theme. Again, research the rest of this website as you can find more ideas than you can imagine here.

  • Consult Family: Consulting the future baby's family members will help give you some insight into what the family's interests might be, and will help you plan accordingly. If the family hates sports, you wouldn't want to have a sports themed shower, for example.

You should now have enough ideas and confidence to get to planning the perfect baby shower for your friend, family member, or yourself for that matter. For more cool baby shower themes, do remember to check out the rest of this website, or to use its search function.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Cool Baby Shower Themes?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for cool baby shower themes? Share and write about these tips and pointers for baby shower themes here!

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