Bed Wetting Alarms - Information, Types and Discussion

Do you wish to learn about bed wetting alarms?

Bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis can be a source of extreme frustration for both parents and their child; however, bedwetting alarms provide a simple solution thanks to new technology.

There are a variety of options available on the market; however, no matter what alarm you choose, the parents' involvement in the beginning is of paramount importance.

It is important that you as the parent play an active role in training your child to use the bathroom at night; many parents buy bed wetting alarms and expect the alarms to do all the work. The most effective way to get the best result from the bedwetting alarm is for the parent to help wake the child up and direct him as to his next step.

For example, once the alarm is sounded during the night, your child will probably wake up confused and disorientated. At this point, it is important that the parents help their child by waking him up and guiding him to the bathroom, explaining as they are going along what is happening. The support and personal touch of the parent will help the child to embrace the process, instead of experiencing fear or anxiety when the alarm goes off.

When choosing the right bed wetting alarm, certain aspects need to be considered to make the process more comfortable and enjoyable for the child. There are basically three types of bedwetting alarms - a pad type alarm, a remote alarm, and an alarm that you wear. Whichever one you choose, they all consist of two parts - the sensor, which picks up moisture, and the alarm, which is responsible for waking the child up.

A pad type bed wetting alarm is made up of a pad or mat that the child will lie on, on the bed. Once moisture has been detected, it will set off an alarm to wake the child; the alarm can be reset once the child is awake.

One challenge experienced with this type of alarm is that, if the child sleeps restlessly, he may move the mat or pad, and it won't pick up moisture to set the alarm off until it's too late. On the flip side, this type of alarm is more comfortable as it doesn't need to be attached to the child's clothing or underwear to detect moisture.

The remote and wearable bed wetting alarms need to be attached to the child's underwear in the place where the sensor is most likely to detect moisture in time. This might cause some discomfort while sleeping, but it does detect the moisture more quickly than a pad or mat type bedwetting alarm.

The remote bed wetting alarms communicate via infrared signals. If the sensor detects moisture, it sends a signal via infrared to the alarm, which will then sound off. This is a great option as the child will have to get out of bed to reset or switch off the alarm, and at the same time wake up sufficiently to comprehend that they need to go to the toilet.

Choosing the right bed wetting alarm is vital to the successful training of your child. Make sure that your child is comfortable with the fitting of the alarm and encourage him or her to work with the process.

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Bed Wetting Alarms - Information, Types and Discussion

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