Homemade Pregnancy Test - How to Do It, and Important Tips and Pointers

Are you thinking of carrying out a homemade pregnancy test, and need some help to do so?

So you think you might be pregnant. Most of the time, you might just run to the store, pick up a pregnancy test and, well, pee on a stick.

Then, in anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, you'll find out if you're most likely pregnant or not. These tests look for a hormone in your urine which increases when you're pregnant.

But, what do you do when it's three o'clock in the morning and you have to know if you're pregnant right now? Well, it might be time to do a homemade pregnancy test. Now, you should know that you still need to go to the doctor to confirm and, in the morning, you may want to get a test just to be sure, but this might be an okay way to let yourself get some sleep.

How to do it

Two of the most common ways to test for pregnancy on your own are to use pine-sol and bleach mixed with your urine.

Now, you should know before you use either one of these that urine contains ammonia, and bleach mixed with ammonia can and will explode. If you're lucky, using bleach to test for pregnancy will simply fizz up and fizz back down. If you're unlucky, this test can literally blow up in your face.

For this reason, it is most often recommended that you don't use the bleach test when looking for a homemade pregnancy test. In addition to an explosion, you might not even get a good idea if you're pregnant or not.

With pine-sol, when you add urine, you should find that the mixture changes colors and might even separate a little bit. Pine-sol is the essential oil of pine trees, and it is thought that when a woman is pregnant, the color might look a little like mucus.

However, this might also be due to the fact that you're mixing water and ammonia with the oils. It's a good idea to set up a control by having someone who is not pregnant mix their urine with pine-sol first, so you can better tell what you should be looking for when using this homemade pregnancy test.

Is it effective?

The problem with many homemade pregnancy tests is that there is no way to really know if they are completely effective. Unlike over the counter tests and those which are done in the doctor's office, these tests haven't been scientifically proven. Many people have tried these and report that they are effective, but others would disagree.

In the end, if you're looking for a way to test if you're pregnant, a homemade pregnancy test should be used with care, and you should back your do it yourself test with, at the very least, an over the counter test, which is usually about 99% effective.

Ultimately, even when your doctor chooses to give you a pregnancy test, she may decide to do an early type of ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis and get a better idea of how far along you are. When you are dying to know if you're pregnant, though, and you can't get to the store to get a pregnancy test, consider trying the pine-sol test.

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