Create Your Own Wedding Invitations - Steps, Tips and Ideas

Are you looking for a basic guide to help you create your own wedding invitations?

You've got the man, the ring, the dress, the church, the reception hall, the DJ... what's left? For sure, you've got to get some wedding invitations made! But stop right there - you don't have to pay somebody else to do it, you sure can do it yourself!

It can be a great idea to create your own wedding invitations, if you're wanting to save some money. And, by save money, I mean literally hundreds of dollars in some cases. Some couples spend over $700 on wedding invitations alone, but if you create your own, you can expect to spend less than $150 after purchasing ink, paper, envelopes, and other supplies.

You need to start by hitting up your local craft store's wedding section. Don't go straight to the blank invitations kits, first, stop at the clearance aisle. Here, you're likely to find last-season's leftover wedding invitation kits. These kits usually include around 40 blank invitations and envelopes to match.

If you see any that catch your eye, picking them here as opposed to searching through this season's kits will save you even more money. Clearance items are typically more than fifty percent cheaper than new ones.

However, if none of the clearance choices tickle your fancy, and you're okay with spending a little more, check out the season's kits. You'll be able to choose from borders and accents in silver, gold, or other colors. You may pick a set that comes with doves or rings intertwined on the top or bottom. Maybe you just want a plain set with no design on it. Whatever you choose, you're ready for the next step of your efforts to create your own wedding invitations.

So what's next in how to create your own wedding invitations?

Now, you need to either contact your photographer and get permission to use an engagement portrait for your invitation, or have a friend snap a quality shot of the two of you to use as a background on your invites. Whichever you choose, you'll want to lighten the photo to the extent that it is merely a watermark on your invitation - a faint backdrop for the words you'll be including. Once this step is completed, you can get ready to start wording your invitation.

When you create your own wedding invitations, you get to come up with completely custom wording. You can choose to include a special poem that you or your fiance wrote, lyrics to your favorite love song, or use an excerpt from a poem that someone else has written.

When you decide what words you want on your invitations, you can type them up right over the top of your watermarked image. Play with the font until you think it is as elegant, modern, or simple as you'd like it. When you've got it lined up the way you like it, you can begin printing. It is always a good idea to test-print a few, to be sure you like the end result and that your invitation is centered and spaced in an appealing way.

Once you've printed your invitations, you can choose to leave them as they are, or to embellish them with things like glitter, ribbon, or other craft embellishments. Then you can put them into your envelopes and mail them to your potential guests.

All in all, it's really not that difficult to create your own wedding invitations. Just dedicate a little time to it, and in the end, the custom design as well as the money you've saved will be well worth it!

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