DIY Wedding Invitations - Tips and Ideas to Guide You

Are you considering DIY wedding invitations (do-it-yourself) and are seeking some tips and ideas to guide you?

If you're planning your wedding, it's likely that you're looking at your budget very, very carefully. This includes the cost of invitations, and sometimes they can cost a lot.

So, what does a bride do if she wants to cut down on the cost of her invitations and still wants to have an elegant presentation to the biggest day of her life? She chooses some DIY wedding invitations, of course. Not only are wedding invitations that you make on your own economical and beautiful, but it's also a great way to get exactly the invitations you're searching for at prices you can afford.

Different choices for different brides

Now, maybe you're very creative and want to make your wedding invitations all on your own. You can do this, especially if you know about stamping and scrapbooking and have the time and energy to put into creating your beautiful invitations. You can get your supplies for this project at practically any arts and crafts store, and when you use your computer and creative mind, it's possible to make just about anything.

Some brides want what they want at prices they can afford, but don't have the time or creativity to spend on making their wedding invitations from scratch, and if this sounds like you, then you need to know that there are ways that you can make your own DIY wedding invitations without having to do all the cutting, pasting and measuring that starting from scratch might require.

For those brides who want their invitations to look like they spent a bundle, but only spent pennies, a DIY wedding invitation kit might be what you need. You can get lots of these at many different invitation companies and you'll be thrilled at the high quality of the invitations. So not only will you be getting just what you've been hoping for in a wedding invitation, but you'll pay a fraction of what you would when you order traditional wedding invitations.


So you've got the invitation idea down and you know how you want them to look. You're saving lots of money, but you have one problem: you're responsible for the wording of your wedding invitations. What do you say? There are some basics that might help you to feel that you've presented the joy of your occasion without sounding stuffy or worse, off color.

  • Include your name and the name of your fiance on your DIY wedding invitations. This should include last names, unless you're including the names of the parents who are hosting and your last names are the same as theirs.

  • Dates, locations and times of the ceremony and the reception. Make sure to include both because some people will choose not to attend the ceremony, but will want to come to the reception.

  • RSVP information. For instance, if your parents are hosting the wedding and reception, have the RSVP's sent to their house. If you are hosting the event, then have them sent to you.

Now that you know what needs to be said, how do you say it? There are many different ways which are appropriate when it comes to wording, so you might want to get some samples.

To help you with your DIY wedding invitations, consider browsing the rest of this website or using its search function, for the right wording of your invitation, because there are many other very helpful articles about wedding invitation etiquette, wording and everything else to do with wedding invitations. You could also, of course, look for samples on the internet.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade or DIY Wedding Invitations?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for DIY wedding invites? Do you have some great homemade wedding invitation ideas? Ever tried to create your own wedding invitations and have some tips to tell others about? Share and write about these wedding invitation ideas here!

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