Engagement Party Invitation Guide - Useful Tips and Ideas

Do you need help coming up with an engagement party invitation? Need ideas and inspiration?

Getting engaged is a very special, once in a lifetime event and your party invitation should express your excitement and anticipation for the commitment you are about to share with your loved one.

The engagement invitation can also be designed to fit in with the theme you have in mind for your wedding, too.

Using expensive, embossed card stock to print your invitations on lends the event a sophisticated, up market look that sets a formal tone for your engagement party. If you are looking at having a relaxed, casual engagement party, then use brightly colored card stock with black ink for printing. Shaded tones of lavender, pink, blue or green can be used when you are planning a small intimate engagement dinner for close friends and family.

You can add some color and show off your creative talents by using a photograph of your engagement rings on the front or top of the engagement party invitation. You can use a favorite photograph of you and your loved one sharing a special moment too. There are many easy to learn computer programs that let you add fancy borders and effects to make the invitation look professional and enticing.

Spend some extra time thinking about how you would like to word your engagement party invitation. Your engagement invitation will eventually be one of the front pages of your wedding album, so you want to make an impression with the layout as well as the wording.

Traditionally, engagement invitation wording is comprised of a formal combination of phrases. Here are some examples of wording you can use on your engagement party invitations.

___________ Parents
together with
___________ Parents
are proud to invite
Cynthia and Albert Barnard
to celebrate the engagement of their children
Linda and Gareth
at (Address)
on (Date)
at (Time)

RSVP (Date and Contact Numbers)

You are cordially invited
to attend a dinner in honor of
the engagement of
(Date )
(Time )
at the home of
Please respond by (Date and Contact Numbers)

We would be pleased to have you join us
for a party announcing our engagement
on (Date)
at (Time)
(Location Address)

You are cordially invited to attend an Engagement Party
given in honor of Linda and Gareth
on (Date)
at (Time)
(Location Address)

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morris request the pleasure of your company
at a Dinner to celebrate the engagement of
on (Day and Date)
at (Time)
(Location Address)

Love is here to stay
Lets' celebrate by dancing the night away!
Join us for an Engagement Party
on (Date) at (Time)
(Location Address)

Please join us for an evening of Celebration and Dining
in honor of Gareth and Linda on their recent engagement
(Day and Date)
at (Time) in the evening
(Location Address)
Mr. and Mrs. Morris

Do note and bear in mind that the style of your engagement party invitation wording will vary depending on who is actually inviting the guests (the couple, their parents, etc).

Be creative and inspired to design an engagement party invitation that will leave your invited guest brimming with anticipation and alive with excitement about joining you to celebrate the start of a lifelong commitment.

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