Engagement Invitation Wording - Tips for Engagement Party Invites

Are you searching for tips to help you with your engagement invitation wording?

The hard part is over. You have popped the question and the love of your life has said yes. Now what?

Your friends and family will be expecting an invitation to your engagement party. The two of you will be the center of attention at this exciting event. So how do you get the information to your prospective guests?

Your engagement party invitation will be one of the first things to go into your memory scrapbook of your life together. You will want it to be something special that you can look back on with fond memories. With a few helpful hints for engagement invitation wording, you should have no problem either making your own invitation, or having one made up for you.

Tips To Write An Engagement Invitation

  • Make sure all pertinent information is included on the engagement announcement. Time, date, and venue must be in, and be sure to include the engaged couple's names. If the venue is out of the way or not well known, enclosing a map is a thoughtful touch.

  • Make the invitation short and sweet. Don't be overly wordy - just the relevant information is all you need for the engagement invitation wording. Leave the other words for toasts at the party.

  • Traditionally, the bride-to-be's parents would have their names placed first on the announcement or invitation, followed by the groom-to-be's family.

  • If someone other than the engaged couple or their parents is hosting the engagement party, be sure to include that information as part of the engagement invitation wording.

  • Adding a personal touch is easy, especially if you are using a computer to make your own invitations. You can easily scan a photo of the happy couple, or include a significant quote, poem, or saying appropriate to the occasion.

    Other Tips for Invitation Wording

  • If you are using any type of theme, carry this over to your engagement party invitation. This would include a formal or informal event. The invitation should be appropriate to the event.

  • Use the same colors that you will be using for decor at the engagement party. If you plan on silver and white decorations, have the invitations in the same color scheme.

  • RSVP is an excellent way to keep track of your attending and non-attending guests. This will help you adjust your menu accordingly as well.

  • Use the invitation as a means to communicate important information, such as how to dress - formal or casual. You would not want a guest showing up in a tuxedo for a family back yard barbeque party.

    This article should have given you the tips you need to draft your engagement invitation wording. Now, you can sit back and enjoy the party.

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