Engagement Party Toasts - Who Should Speak and What to Say

Need some ideas and inspiration for engagement party toasts?

Who should speak, and what should be said?

Giving a toast at an engagement party should be taken just as seriously as toasts that are given at wedding showers and during the actual wedding reception. But knowing who goes first, who says what, and what should be said at all can be tricky.

Typically, the father of the bride offers the first toast at an engagement party. After this toast, the guests are meant to drink to the happy couple. The couple, however, does not drink at this time. Instead, the groom is then expected to toast his bride-to-be and her family, and then drink along with his bride.

If the father of the bride is not available for the toast, then the best man can step in and take over the responsibility. However, if the father of the bride is deceased, then it is common for the mother of the bride to offer the toast instead.

So as not to be left out completely, the bride might also want to offer her own engagement party toast. This is common in instances where the bride has purchased the groom a small gift or token of her affection and wants to present it to him at this time. While this isn't expected, it is becoming increasingly popular.

From time to time, a close relative or friend will offer a toast as well. However, it's best to limit the number of engagement party toasts, since after awhile, it can become monotonous, and this can take away from the feel of the party itself.

The point of the engagement party toast is to offer the couple congratulations and luck. It is usually not as formal as the toast that will be heard during the wedding reception and is oftentimes humorous. Things that you might want to include in your toast are:

  • Reflections on the couple's relationship

  • The first time you met the bride or the groom

  • First impressions of the couple

  • Anecdotes of their first date

  • Good wishes for the couple and their new life together

  • The offering of help and support in terms of their wedding planning

  • Congratulations

You should try to limit your toast to 2 minutes, although 4 minutes is acceptable. Try not to go over the 4 minute mark, because it's at that point that people start losing interest and might begin zoning out. Keep in mind that this is a toast and not an actual speech. Plus, long engagement party toasts tend to be more about the person giving them than the actual couple, which kind of defeats the purpose of the toast itself.

"Congratulations" should be spoken at the end of the toast, as this is the signifier that the toast is over and that the guests should drink from their glasses. It is expected that the toaster will take a drink first and that the other guests will follow suit. That way, everyone knows what they are supposed to do.

Once the engagement party toasts have been given, it is usually expected that the bride and groom will offer a few words of thanks for the people who gave the toasts, as well as for the guests that are attending the party.

As a guest listening to a toast at an engagement party, it's polite to smile and nod, even if the toast goes on for some time. You do not have to clink your glasses together at the end of the toast. Instead, you can simply raise your glass in the air and take a sip of your drink. The best way to ruin a good toast is to have shattered champagne glasses littering the floor.

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