Ideas for Engagement Toasts and Speeches - Tips on What to Say

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for engagement toasts?

Engagements are really special, because it is when the couple, who have shared a caring relationship for a long time, are acknowledging their love for each other, and are announcing to the world that they intend to spend their lives together. This is done at an engagement party, where friends and family are invited to join in the celebration.

It is usual at the engagement party for the parents of the future bride and groom, as well as the couple, to toast each other. There are many ways to toast the couple. It is also common for the father of the bride-to-be to formally announce the engagement in the form of a toast.

You could include a quote from a famous person in your engagement toast to the couple, such as "you can't stop loving or wanting to love because when it's right, it's the best thing in the world. When you're in a relationship and it's good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete" - Keith Sweat. Or the one by the famous Edgar Allan Poe, "we loved with a love that was more than love".

Whatever you decide to say in your toast, as long as it's memorable, heartfelt, and well thought out, it will be good - even with a little humor added to it.

There are certain guidelines that you can use to create engagement toasts that will be well remembered. For instance, you can reflect on your personal experiences with the couple. You can talk about how you know the couple, and describe your relationship with them. You can also describe certain characteristics of the bride and groom-to-be as individuals, that make them such a perfect match.

Describing the positive changes that the couple has had on each other during their relationship is also good to include in your engagement toast to them. If you have learned something from your own marriage that you consider to be positive, include that as well. Adding an anecdote or a love poem into your engagement toast will also make it memorable. Lastly, you call all the guests to toast the happy couple.

When the parents have toasted the couple, one of the couple should return the toast, and thank them. It could be to thank the parents for the party, and to thank them for giving the bride or groom-to-be and his / her parents a chance to meet everyone.

If it is your engagement party, and your family and guests are toasting you, there are certain ways to respond to the engagement toasts that are proposed to you. You should remain seated, don't clap, raise your glass in return, or drink. Simply smile in acknowledgement, and thank them once they have finished proposing their toast to you.

If you are planning to propose a personal toast, take your time to prepare it properly if you want to really do a good job. Write down exactly what you want to say, and practice it over and over, until you can say it naturally and flawlessly, without it sounding as if you are reciting it.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Engagement Toasts and Speeches?

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