Offering Your Engagement Congratulations - Tips and Gift Ideas

Do you need some ideas and inspiration for sending engagement congratulations?

So you have received the news that two people close to you are now engaged. Congratulations to the happy couple!

The question is, where do you go from here? Knowing how to send engagement congratulations can require the proper etiquette and creativity on your part, but sometimes it's difficult knowing exactly how you should proceed.

In regards to the rules of official wedding engagement etiquette, you don't necessarily have to give the couple an engagement gift. The only time that a gift is really expected is if you are attending an engagement party, or a wedding shower down the road.

However, if you are attending an engagement party, or if you want to purchase them an engagement congratulations gift anyway, you can. Popular engagement gifts include:

  1. Gift baskets - filled with fruits, candles, flowers, chocolate, or other small trinkets. This is more of a "fun" gift and not something that is usually used around the house. It's more thoughtful to put one together yourself than to purchase one that is pre-made.

  2. Keepsake box - the couple will be accumulating a lot of mementos over the next few months. Buying them something to keep copies of their wedding invitations, engagement announcements, and gift tags in can be a good way of helping them keep their memories secured for years to come.

  3. Picture frame - this is another thoughtful gift that the couple can use for a variety of purposes. They can frame their engagement photograph, their wedding portrait, or even an older photo that they haven't been able to find a suitable frame for.

  4. Wedding planning book - for the bride, a wedding planning book can be a great idea for an engagement congratulations present. That way, she can keep notes as she goes along, as well as get ideas regarding how she wants her big day to go.

  5. Magazine subscription - likewise, a subscription for a year to a bridal magazine might also come in helpful for the bride-to-be.

  6. Something that can be used during the wedding - there is so much to do to prepare for the wedding that purchasing the bride and groom something that they can use is one way of helping relieve some of the pressures of that day. Consider purchasing them a cake cutter, champagne glasses, guestbook, or other item that they can use and then take home with them.

If you don't want to purchase the couple an engagement congratulations gift right now, then a simple card reading "congratulations" is recommended. This way, the couple knows that you are thinking of them, and you have effectively conveyed your happy feelings for the occasion.

If you are close to the couple, however, then you might want to consider throwing them an engagement party yourself. Some couples get so wrapped up in the big moment and in the planning of the wedding that they forget to have an engagement party, and taking the time to plan one for them yourself can be very thoughtful, as well as greatly appreciated.

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Offering Your Engagement Congratulations - Tips and Gift Ideas

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