Father's Day Craft Ideas - Gifts for Dad on His Special Day

Are you cracking your head for Father's Day craft ideas?

Father's Day is a great time to show your dad how much he means to you. It is a time to thank your father for the ways he has helped prepare you for life. It is a time to celebrate the memories shared.

Father's Day is also a time you can show off your creativity by crafting a gift just for him. You can show your dad how special he is with some of the following Father's Day craft ideas.

Younger children often have to rely on adults to buy gifts for dad on Father's Day; however, they also have the option of crafting a gift for dad using one of these Father's Day craft ideas.

Building a trophy for dad is a creative way of showing your dad that you think he is number one. You will need the following items: an adult to help you, 2 foam coffee cups, 5 inch square box, masking tape, one gold chenille stem, gold craft paint, black construction paper (cut to fit on one side of the box), white or gold paint pen, scissors, paint brush, and white craft glue.

Turn the cups upside down (trim the bottoms of the cups first so they flush-sit together solidly) and glue the cups together at the bottom. Using your masking tape, tape the box closed.

When the glue on the cups has dried completely, use masking tape to secure the cups where they are glued together. Cut the chenille stem into two equal pieces and use those to create the handles on the trophy (insert the ends of the stem halves into either side of the top cup). Now cover the cups completely in masking tape.

Using your paintbrush, paint the cups and the box with the gold paint and let dry completely. While this is drying, take your construction paper and your white or gold paint pen and write a personal message for your dad. When the paint on the box is dried, use glue to secure your message to the front of the box.

Now apply glue to the bottom of the cup that does not have the chenille handles and secure it to the box. Let dry completely. You have now created a trophy for your dad - a truly meaningful Father's Day craft idea, don't you think? You can fill the top of the trophy with your dad's favorite candies for an added touch.

Another Father's Day craft idea is a personalized baseball cap. You will need the following: a plain white (or light colored hat), colored fabric pens, black permanent marker, fabric paint in the colors you chose, and a foam stamp.

First, when looking for a foam stamp, ask yourself what your dad likes to do for fun - fishing, hiking, camping, golf? It will help if you draw your design on a piece of paper first. Decide where you are going to place your letters and foam stamp application. Make sure this is where you want it to be (once it's stamped in place, you're stuck with the design).

Prepare your foam stamp using your fabric paint and apply to the hat first (this will help you determine how large or small to make your letters). Using your fabric pen, write your message to your father (such as "Fishing Crazy" or "Car Crazy"). Use the black marker to outline your letters. Let the hat dry overnight.

These are only two of the many Father's Day craft ideas that you can use to create a personalized gift for dad. Father's Day is a time to let dad know how much he means to you. With these Father's Day craft ideas, you can create a lasting memory.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Father's Day Craft Ideas and Tips?

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