Father's Day Crafts for Children - Great Gifts for Dad

Are you looking for ideas for Father's Day crafts for children?

Father's Day is your chance to show dad how much you love and appreciate him and all he does for you, especially if you make him a hand-crafted gift.

Decorate a t-shirt for him. Put a new, pre-washed t-shirt on a flat surface and place a piece of cardboard inside between the two layers to prevent the paint from seeping through. Paint the palms of his children with fabric paint and press the children's hands onto the shirt. Make sure that all the fingers and the entire palm make contact with the shirt.

Let the children write their names or a message next to their handprints and allow them to dry completely. You can also do this with footprints and write "My Kid Walks All Over Me!" on the front or back of the t-shirt - isn't this a cute idea for Father's Day crafts for children?

Add a photo to any shirt - you can add a photo of your child to any t-shirt by using inkjet transfer sheets. Simply print a photograph onto the transfer sheet using an inkjet picture and then transfer it to the t-shirt with an iron. This is a great way to add a special touch to any of the shirts above!

Need more ideas for Father's Day crafts for children?

Make Dad a wallet-sized photo collage that he can keep in his wallet and take with him wherever he goes - it will be a constant reminder of the people who love him. This is an easy craft idea! Simply cut a credit card sized rectangle out of card stock and decorate on both sides with small photos of his family, then decorate it with stickers or messages from the children. Cover on both sides with Con-tact paper, or laminate.

If your Dad travels a lot, then he might appreciate hand-crafted luggage tags as a gift for Father's Day, which a child can make in any shape. For this idea for Father's Day crafts for children, an adult should supervise and help with cutting this out. If you wish, you can use an old luggage tag as a guide for the size.

To make these Father's Day crafts for children, you will need clear plastic, such as the insert from an old billfold, which you will cut to fit inside the tag and form a window for Dad's name; scraps of brightly colored felt or sturdy fabric; a piece of card stock; and about 10 inches of ribbon or leather for the tie.

Cut out two pieces of felt the same size and shape, then cut a small (1" x 2") window in one piece. Place the plastic over the window and glue into the window space - you can also glue plastic onto the other piece of felt to make the tag more durable.

Cut the cardstock to fit inside so Dad can write his name on it, then glue the 2 long sides together and one of the short sides, leaving one short side open so that you can slide the card stock label inside. Allow to dry thoroughly and insert the card stock inside.

Carefully cut a small slit through all layers at the open end and thread the ribbon or leather through for a tie. He will love his new luggage tags which will make it easy for him to spot his bags at the airport, and these Father's Day crafts for children will also remind Dad of how much his children love him - how wonderful!

Does Dad love to barbecue? For Father's Day, you can handcraft an apron for him so that he doesn't get his favorite t-shirt covered in sauce or grease. You just need a plain apron from the craft store and some fabric paints. For this idea for Father's Day crafts for children, simply decorate the apron with handprints, drawings of hamburgers and hot dogs, etc, or a portrait of the child artist. Dad will love it!

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