Fun Office Party Games for a Great Time

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for fun office party games?

If your office likes to have parties, the party organizer needs to have a list of office party games that are suitable for all occasions.

Are you throwing the party to act as an ice breaker for several new employees or a retirement party for a much-loved coworker? Celebrating a promotion or an engagement or an upcoming event such as a wedding or a new baby?

Is it going to be held during office hours when everyone is dressed in business attire or will it be held after hours so that people have time to change into more casual clothes? Does the office staff comprise a mix of ages, backgrounds and personalities? Will it be held in a room located at the place of business or off-site? All of these questions are relevant to the kind of fun office party games you can play.

You should keep the games simple - not more than three rules per game - and relatively short. Also make sure that nobody is going to be left out. Ask your coworkers for ideas for their favorite games and help in setting things up. You should also keep your prizes simple, or buy gag gifts from the dollar store.

So, what are some fun office party games which can be played?

Have some silly games to start everyone off, such as, "How many paperclips in the jar", or "How many words can you make from the company name?" that can continue throughout the party and have a prize awarded to the winner at the end.

Play "Which movie?" or "Which song?" Write the names of several movies or songs on slips of paper, fold up and place in a container. Let the partygoers form into pairs and have each pair take turns at acting out a scene from the movie or line of the song they have chosen from the container. Whoever guesses the name correctly gets to have the next turn with his or her partner.

Another twist on this fun office party game is to write down quotes from well-known movies and ask for the name of the movie - think "I'll be back." from Terminator, or "Show me the Money." from Jerry Maguire, or "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." from Gone with the Wind. Bonus points can be awarded for knowing the character and / or actor who spoke the words. You can find dozens of quotes on the internet.

A fun office party game that really involves no preparation is to have a list of common items and have one of your party planner assistants call the items out one at a time - as in "Bring me a nail file", or a wallet photo, or a lipstick. The first person to hand in the item wins a prize. It doesn't sound like a fun game, but it really is, with everyone rummaging through wallets and pocketbooks to find the item and be the first to hand it over!

An oldie but goodie fun office party game is to write names of famous people on pieces of paper and pin them onto everyone's back as they arrive at the party. Over the course of the evening, they have to ask questions of other guests about their character and try to guess who they are. This game is a really good ice breaker as it makes the guests talk to each other!

If you plan ahead and have several fun office party games lined up and a good supply of prizes to award to the winners, your office party should be an occasion where everyone has a great time and are all looking forward to the next one.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Fun Office Party Games?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for fun office party games? Share and write about these tips and ideas for office party games here!

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