Gardening Pests - Tips, Ideas and Remedies to Keep Them Away

Do you wish to learn about how to deal with gardening pests?

Garden pests can be very destructive, especially considering that they are all usually smaller than the size of a match. Garden pests can attack beautiful rose bushes, eat trees from the inside out, and can destroy any well laid vegetable patch.

There are, however, some things you can do to help you control those pesky garden pests. Certain flowers, herbs and vegetables have a strong, unpleasant scent, and when they are planted in strategic places in your garden will help you to eradicate gardening pests.

The most common type of plant that will have the garden pests running in the opposite direction is the plain old marigold. Marigolds grow into substantial knee high bushes from just a few seeds and have an almost sour repugnant odor to them. This aroma is what will chase flies, locusts, wasps and just about any flying garden pests away before they do any damage to your garden.

Any type of geranium plant, which also grow into bushes, but you would need a slip of an existing geranium plant instead of seeds, will keep snakes, snails and moles away from your precious plants. Planting a border interspersed with marigolds and geraniums will definitely help keep the gardening pests at bay and leave you with a brightly, healthy garden.

There are also many household remedies you can use to keep gardening pests from destroying your plants. Probably the worst scenario is taking a walk in the garden first thing in the morning and realizing that aphids have taken over your prized rose bushes.

A simple remedy to eradicate and keep aphids off rose bushes is to mix bicarbonate of soda, dishwashing liquid and water together. Spray this mixture liberally all over your rose bushes and you will see a huge difference in just two to three days. You can continue to spray your rose bushes once a week with this mixture to make sure that the aphids have no opportunity to destroy your plants again.

If your garden is over running with birds who are causing more damage to your landscaped garden than what they are worth, then try using old pieces of plastic to chase them away. Plastic shopping bags, old pieces of plastic wrapping, or even soft sheets of plastic you can buy at the hardware store, will make fantastic bird chasers. Tie these pieces of plastic in the trees, on poles and on fences all around your garden, and when they make a noise while flapping in the wind, the birds will get a fright and fly away.

Ordinary garden snails can be really frustrating to get rid of, but this gardening pest problem can be easily resolved. Keep all those plastic bottle caps that come off milk bottles, cold drinks or mayonnaise jars, fill them with some beer, and place them all around the garden beds. The snails will get one whiff of the beer and run in the opposite direction.

Managing your gardening pests using these tips, ideas, and remedies will be easy and so quick that you will forget you even had any pests in the first place. All the best in your garden pest control efforts!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips, Ideas and Remedies to Keep Gardening Pests Away?

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