Organic Vegetable Garden - Ideas and Tips for Organic Gardening

Having an organic vegetable garden is a wonderful way to have fresh, organic vegetables available for you and your family all year round.

It is quite easy and rewarding to grow organic vegetables and you'll be delighted at the fresh, delicious taste of your toxic-free vegetables.

Growing organic vegetables requires some planning and quality care, as well as a commitment to stay away from using harmful, toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Many people think that gardens will not be very fruitful if organic fertilizers and pesticides are used, but that is a myth. Beautiful, lush, organic vegetables can be grown using natural and organic methods.

If you think back hundreds and thousands of years ago, gardening did not have access to the fertilizers or pesticides that are so easily available at our stores today. Thus, gardeners and farmers used natural and organic methods to grow their crops and reaped bountiful harvests that impressed many. The same organic, natural methods can be used today in your organic vegetable garden.

One thing to consider when you want an organic vegetable garden is your soil. Good, quality soil is important for growing fruits and vegetables. Using compost and mixed organic fertilizer are great ways to add nutrients to your soil and enhance growing ability.

You always have the option of making your own compost and spreading it around your soil, but if you do not want to compost, then purchasing organic compost is a viable alternative. Adding compost to your soil adds nutrients as well as improves water absorption. Spread your compost 2 to 3 inches thick in your soil and mix well.

Fertilizer helps improve the growing conditions for vegetables as well. You can purchase organic fertilizer at various stores. It is suggested that you spread your organic fertilizer onto your soil and mix it up about 3 weeks before you plan on planting your seeds.

For an organic vegetable garden, you should purchase organic seeds or organic seedlings, as you do not want them to have been treated with anything toxic. A great place to find organic seeds at comparable prices in on the internet. If you choose to purchase organic seedlings locally, check with your local nurseries, as they normally carry organic products.

Once you have planted your seeds or seedlings, be sure to take care of weeding regularly. Weeding helps keep some pests out as well as increases the ability of the soil to retain water. You can also plant a variety of flowers in your organic vegetable garden to attract some good bugs that will take care of the harmful bugs. Plant flowers such as sunflowers, zinnia, marigold, daisies, and bachelor's buttons to help keep pests at bay.

Be sure to research what kinds of vegetables grow best for your climate and location. You don't want to try to grow vegetables that simply won't adapt to your climate. There are plenty of vegetables to choose from and you'll be able to eat them at harvest time knowing that you've grown them naturally and organically with minimal effort.

Happy gardening in your organic vegetable garden!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Organic Vegetable Gardens?

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