Gift Ideas for Wife - Great Presents to Give Your Wife

Do you need some nice gift ideas for wife?

Buying a gift for your wife can become a little "ho-hum" after a while. You buy her a sweater, she says, "Thank you honey, another sweater." She smiles sweetly, puts it on her shelf with all the other sweaters, and you might see her wear it once.

Such is the gift giving process when you're married. Maybe it's time to break free of the norm and give her something that she will really appreciate and use.

First, the don'ts of gift giving

Before you get to the gift ideas for wife, you should know a few no-no's when it comes to giving your wife a gift.

For instance, you shouldn't give her anything that has to do with your home, such as decorations, unless she really, really asks for it; or anything that will help make her "job" in the home more enjoyable.

It's pretty likely that even though she claims she likes to clean or she says she would love to have that new stove, she really doesn't want it as a gift. So if you were planning to get her that new carpet cleaner she mentioned, you should probably go back to square one.

Now to the ideas

When you're looking for gift ideas for wife, one of the best ways to give her something she really loves is to think about what she, well, loves. This will help you to give her a wonderful gift that she really enjoys and will rave about forever.

For example, if your wife doesn't like to work out in front of people, but you get her a gym membership when she really wanted an elliptical trainer, you're giving her something that she won't enjoy or use. Try to work with what she likes, and this can help you to give her a personal gift she's sure to get something out of.

From here, you can develop your own twists on really good gift ideas for wife:

  • Jewelry is wonderful, but you should trust her input when she gives it. Choosing something special for her only works if you know it's something that she has been ogling at for a long time, or if it's personal. Little things like getting her favorite gemstone reset or choosing a diamond pendant that will match her engagement ring will really take you far. Or, consider giving her some jewelry she can personalize, such as beaded bracelets, which are popular now. You can start it with beads that mean something, and add some for a special occasion if you want.

  • If you have the kind of wife who loves to be pampered, you can get her some high end lotions, washes and even massage oil to delight her senses. Buy candles in the same fragrance and run her a bath. When she's done, you can ease her tension by massaging it away. This is a great way to offer the essential physical contact that we so often leave out of life and still let her know how much she matters to you. One of the great gift ideas for wife, isn't this?

  • Don't rule out other "pampering" gift ideas for wife. Take her shopping, just the two of you, or buy her that designer bag she's been wanting for so long. Take her to lunch and sit patiently while she tries on jeans. Even if you can only get her one outfit, this is something she might love to have, and it will be even more special when you've taken the time to go with her and buy it for her.

  • If you have kids, consider getting them involved and put a memory book or scrapbook together for your wife. This will be so precious to her when you add silly photos and pictures of some of the good times you have all shared together. Let your kids work with you to make pages of their own, too. Remember, it's a family gift.

  • Need more good gift ideas for wife? Well, does your wife love to smell good? One of the biggest budget cuts that many wives have had to struggle with is no longer buying the high end perfume they used to enjoy. Why not get her a bottle of her favorite and make her feel like a princess again?

Giving great presents to your wife does get easier with time when you learn how to listen to what she wants and begin to know her better; until then, hopefully these gift ideas for wife will help you.

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