Homemade Bubble Bath - Tips, Ideas and Recipes

A homemade bubble bath is not only great for your skin, but it can help you to relax, rejuvenate and cleanse yourself.

Plus, when you make your own bubble bath, you're going to know that the ingredients you're using are all natural and safe. No parabens, no additives and, if you choose to, you can even go organic with your bath.

You should know that you don't only have to make bubble bath to get benefits from a nice long soak. By choosing the right bath salts, you'll help to keep your skin soft and moisturized. You can also soothe sore muscles. In fact, women around the world have been using bath salts to keep their skin soft and moisturized for centuries.

Also, when you're seeking the complete benefits of a bath, you can also skip the homemade bubble bath and consider using organic essential oils to make your own fabulous bath oils that will nourish dry skin, help you to relax and unwind and leave you feeling refreshed, clean and relaxed.

Essential bath oils are often best for extremely dry skin, as they will cling to your skin when you step out of the bath and absorb into the skin, so you should choose the right oils for your skin needs. Lavender is relaxing and detoxifying, eucalyptus can help to soothe sore muscles and clear congestion. Almond oil has wonderful hydrating properties.

Look for the benefits

When you're using homemade bubble bath, you want to consider what it is that you need for your skin. If you're dry and itchy, choose a formula that will help to soothe your skin and leave it soft. If you're looking to give your skin a glow, adding ingredients that have brightening antioxidant properties might be beneficial.

If you struggle with body acne, you might want to consider using ingredients that not only soothe the skin, but also help to keep you from being too oily. A homemade bubble bath with eggs can be helpful with drying excess oil. Oatmeal can be beneficial in soothing dry skin and easing itching.

Recipes to try

For an all around good bubble bath, here's a recipe for you to try. Make it even better by using an extra mild organic liquid soap, so you know that all you're giving your skin is good, healthy benefits.

  • Half cup mild organic liquid soap
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • One egg white
  • Essential oil drops of your choice (optional - for scent)

Mix well and add to the running water of a bath.

Some kinds of bubble bath have more beneficial properties, which mean that these formulas need more complex ingredients. Additions such as coconut oil and glycerin can help to give the skin added benefits such as added moisturization and a glow to the skin.

Here's a recipe for jasmine rose homemade bubble bath that you might enjoy. The rich, sultry fragrance of jasmine will help you to feel sensuous, but make sure to only use a few drops, because too much can be overwhelming. Tip: make your homemade bubble bath even better for yourself by using organic products whenever possible.

  • Three drops of rose essential oil
  • Two drops of jasmine essential oil
  • An ounce of coconut oil
  • An ounce of glycerin
  • Liquid castile soap or grated solid castile soap
  • A quart of water

Combine all the ingredients together well and pour a generous amount under running bathwater. Store unused portion of bubble bath covered at room temperature.

Homemade bubble baths help you to ensure that you get all the benefits your skin needs, and have just the fragrances you're looking for. Plus, you'll save money and have healthier products for your total body well being.


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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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