Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas - Tips for Presents for Your Man

Do you wish to make a present for your guy? Are you in need of homemade boyfriend gift ideas and tips?

Ladies, let's face it, sometimes, it's hard to come up with the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Either he already has it, or he's not interested, or whatever other reason we can come up with, it's just not easy to shop for them.

And heaven forbid you get them clothes, it could be too big or too small, or maybe they don't like the color, or think what you've picked is too "feminine." We've all been there.

Maybe it's your sweetheart's birthday coming up, or Valentine's Day, or Christmas. Whatever the occasion, you're in a pinch trying to think of just the right gift for him. Well, instead of stressing over some typical retail possibilities, take out the trouble of shopping and come up with some homemade boyfriend gift ideas! These will require a bit of effort and time on your part, but in the end, who would argue with a hand-made gift?

Make a blanket. Learn to knit or crochet, pick up some yarn in your guy's favorite colors (the colors of his number one sports team is always a good option, too) and use your needlecraft to make a lovely afghan or a full-sized blanket for him. If you don't have the time or patience to whip up something over a few weeks and to learn a new craft, another homemade boyfriend gift idea is to make a fleece no-sew blanket. Go down to your local fabric store and pick up two pieces of fleece, in whatever size of a blanket you'll be making. One piece should be a solid color, while the other has a pattern or is in a coordinating solid, as well. Pattern ideas can include camouflage, sports teams, or whatever else might appeal to his taste. Then, every inch and a half around the border of your fleece pieces, you make a three-inch cut into the fabric. Line them up and tie them off in a square knot. Making a blanket for your man gives you another excuse to cuddle, that's for sure!

Create a scrapbook or photo album. This is another of the wonderful homemade boyfriend gift ideas. Gather up all of the pictures you have together, as well as any memorabilia from dates, such as photo booth printouts, movie ticket stubs, or programs. Purchase a nice 12" x 12" blank photo album or scrapbook, some colorful markers, scrapbooking stickers, and whatever other trinkets you might want from your local craft store. Research on the internet good ideas for page layouts and themes, and you're ready to go. Be prepared to spend several hours on this homemade boyfriend gift idea to get it just right. He'll love this because the two of you and your love is the subject.

Those are just a couple of gift ideas for your guy, but the possibilities for you are truly endless. Make a picture frame, paint him a picture; if you've got an artistic talent, use it! Your boyfriend will surely appreciate the work you put into creating a symbol of your affection for him. Good luck and have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas and Tips?

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