Halloween Games for School Parties - Fun, Laughter and Thrills

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for Halloween games for school parties?

Half of the fun of playing Halloween games, at any age, is the surroundings.

If you are in a school setting and it is in the middle of the afternoon, you can make some modifications, though. First off, pull all of the blinds on the windows. If this still allows too much light in, hang some heavy blankets over everything.

Now, get some grey or off white string and cut into about five foot lengths. Drape these all over everything for a spider web effect. From the ceiling, several can be hung as you come in the door. If they have been dipped in some water beforehand, they will create an eerie feeling for those walking in unawares.

Eyes can be painted onto helium filled balloons with glow in the dark paint and footprints can be put down on the floor using a giant foot shaped sponge as the mold. For a final effect before the Halloween games for school parties are started, create fog by placing dry ice in a large container with some warm water. Set it near enough to be effective but still out of the way of potential mishaps. Now you are ready!

As some words in this first game can be tricky, allow kids to pair for 'Two Heads are Better than One.' See how many words the two heads are better than one pairs can find with these seasonal words: Jack-o-Lantern, Halloween and Scarecrow, within a five minute time period.

Many traditional Halloween games for school parties can be played just by adding a Halloween twist. For instance, consider pin the eyes on the mummy or a jack-o-lantern on top of a headless horseman, spin the broomstick, or play Hot or Cold by sending a pair of students out of the room while a mesh bag of washed chicken bones are hidden. Guide their way by calling out hot or cold. Once the bones have been found, read a pre-written page from an old book declaring them heroes.

Need more ideas for Halloween games for school parties?

There is Halloween bingo using skeletons, ghosts, goblins, witches, pumpkins and black cats instead of traditional bingo with numbers. This game can be played with images or by spelling out the word that represents the images - such as, each picture of a ghost would have a different letter of the word GHOST.

Another of the possible Halloween games for school parties is Hangman, which can be played with a skeleton instead of a stick person; and scary memory played with Halloween objects briefly shown on a tray and then taken away quickly - the winner is the one able to recall the most objects. This one gets really interesting if you throw in six ripply bobby pins and seven pieces of a broomstick (straw).

Musical chairs can be played with seasonal music with wet rags thrown down on certain chairs before everyone sits.

The last of the Halloween games for school parties to be discussed here is Witches Daredevil. You play by decorating old shoeboxes in Halloween colors and then cutting a hole in one end big enough for a hand to go into. Put in 'creepy' things - either blobs of gelatin, wet spaghetti noodles, well done cold cauliflower or grapes - peeled and slightly warmed, into each box. Don't forget some cool labels for effect - cat entrails, brains of werewolf and big eyeballs of various creeps.

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