Halloween Party Games for Kids - Fun and Enjoyment for the Children

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for fun Halloween party games for kids?

You've invited your children's friends and all the neighborhood kids to a Halloween party at your house - now you're wondering if you've completely lost your mind!

How on earth are you going to entertain all those children, who are naturally high-spirited when they're in a crowd, and if they've been delving into the Halloween candy, they are probably on a sugar "high" by the time they arrive; or they soon will be!

You will need to find games that will entertain them and also burn off all their excess energy. Keep it simple for your Halloween party games for kids, but try to make them as spooky as you think is appropriate for their age group. Remember that girls usually scream in terror at the sight of a spider, while boys relish teasing one another with grisly "treats".

An easy party game to begin with is a Halloween version of "Statues". Play Halloween-related music, such as "The Monster Mash" and the themes from the TV shows "The Addams Family" and "The Musters". Then have the children perform "Monster" dances and freeze whenever the music stops. You know how this works - if they move, they are out, and the last one left is the winner.

Need more ideas for Halloween party games for kids? Buy some gummy eyeballs at the dollar store and have the new Halloween party game - the Eyeball and spoon race!

Plan a course long enough to be a challenge and have the children form into two teams. Give the first child a plastic spoon and a gummy eyeball, and have him or her carry the eyeball along the course and return to hand it over to the next one in line. If they drop the eyeball, they can just pick it up and put it back onto the spoon. The first team that finishes is the winner and gets some Halloween candy as a prize.

To calm the children down after all that activity, try different, quieter Halloween party games for kids - for example, making a giant spider web.

Form the children into a circle and hand one child a large ball of black yarn. The child will hold one end of the yarn and toss the ball to another child on the other side of the circle, who in turn holds tightly onto the yarn and tosses the ball to someone on the other side, who will again hold the yarn and toss the yarn ball to another child. Have them toss the yarn back and forth until they've made a huge spider web.

Here's another suggestion for Halloween party games for kids - a scary scavenger hunt! This is a great Halloween party game and will keep the little monsters occupied for a while!

You will need to buy monster, Frankenstein or skeleton Halloween door decorations from the dollar store and take them apart carefully, but keep the picture of the monster as a guide for reassembly. Hide the pieces for each "body" around the house and yard. You will have to assign one "body" to each team, so buy as many different ones as you can.

Sort the children into small teams of four or five. Designate a "body" for each team and let them loose to seek out all the parts of their monster. The team that does this and is able to reassemble the parts as shown on the guide is the winning team.

Another of the Halloween party games for kids that is tons of fun is the balloon popping game. This is a good game to play indoors if the weather is really chilly. You will need a lot of balloons and an equal number of treats that will fit inside the neck of the balloon.

Simply put the toy or piece of candy into the deflated balloon, then blow it up with the treat inside. Pile the balloons in the center of the room and tell each child to pop a certain number of balloons by sitting down hard on them.

There really is not a winner in this game, as each child gets to keep the treat found inside the popped balloon. Just make sure you do not have any hard plastic treats inside the balloons, so as to avoid injury.

I hope I've given you some ideas for Halloween party games for kids that will keep them happy and occupied at your party. Relax and enjoy the fun; and enjoy the noise and madness of Halloween party games for kids - it's only once a year!

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