Scary Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas - Spooky Decorating Tips

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for a scary Halloween yard decoration?

A very easy Halloween yard decoration that you can make is to take a 5 or 6 foot square piece of white fabric (you could use old white sheets) and thread a piece of black string or shoelace through the center to make a hanger.

Place an inflated balloon on the sheet underneath the hanger and tie the sheet below the balloon to make a ghostly figure. You can leave them plain or decorate the balloon "face" to look like a ghost.

Hang onto the trees in the yard where they will gently blow in the breeze and scare all the small children - and some adults!

Another simple Halloween yard decoration is a scarecrow. You simply stuff a pair of jeans or old pants and a shirt with straw or scrunched-up newspaper and use a decorated pumpkin for his head. He can be placed in a chair next to the front door to scare all the little trick or treaters.

Do you have an old wreath for your door that is past its prime? Turn it into an elegant Halloween door accent by spray painting it black and adding a black ribbon hanger.

Need more ideas for Halloween yard decorations? You can make your own gigantic spider from a gallon milk bottle, black duct tape, yellow or white plastic eggs, and some four ft lengths of black pipe insulation tubes.

Cut the spout off the milk bottle and cover it completely with duct tape to make the spider's body, then center the insulation tubes across the body and tape them down at the center and sides to keep them in place. Cut out a notch from the middle of each leg and tape them down so that they look like spider legs.

Then, cut a diamond shape from the duct tape and stick onto the eggs for the eyes of the spider. Glue or tape the eyes in place and hang your giant spider from the front porch for all to see - a 6-foot spider isn't something you see everyday!

It's easy to make your own creepy fake tombstones for a scary Halloween yard decoration - everything you need can be found in your local craft store. All you need is a sheet of gray foam board, (which you can cut in half to make two tombstones) some wooden dowels about 6" to 8" long to act as pegs that will go into the bases to stick the tombstones into the ground, some black paint, and a paintbrush.

Once you have cut the foam board in half, you can leave it in a rectangular shape or round off one end - it's your choice. Paint your "RIP" slogan on the front using the black paint - you can either make up your own slogan or find a funny epitaph online.

Insert two of the dowels into the base. Make sure you put the dowels in straight or they might pop through the tombstone. It won't matter if you break a chunk out of the tombstone, just make it part of the decoration. Your homemade tombstones will be unique, funny - and frightening.

One last reminder for your Halloween yard decoration - don't forget the scary music!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Halloween Yard Decoration?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for Halloween yard decoration? Share and write about these tips and ideas for Halloween decorating for your yard here!

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