Home Made Bird Feeders - Bring Feathered Friends into Your Garden

Need some ideas for how to make home made bird feeders?

It's wonderful to have birds in your garden - it is so soothing to sit and watch them as they go about their business.

You can attract even more birds to your garden by providing them with a bird feeder. These are inexpensive and easy to make, as you probably have most of the materials lying around your house.

You can start to attract birds to your garden by spreading birdseed onto a plastic tray or plate and set it in the garden. The only thing is, though, once word gets around that there is food available, that tray or plate will be way too small.

Aluminum soda cans make great home made bird feeders, and are very quick and easy to make. Simply make a small slice towards the bottom of the can, bending them outward and rolling them under to avoid sharp edges. Once you have filled the can with birdseed, use the pull-tab as a hanger.

String can also be threaded through a margarine tub, which is then filled with seed and hung from a tree.

Another great home made bird feeder to make, is to take a few pine cones, tie a piece of string to each cone, spread peanut butter onto them, roll them into birdseed, tie them onto tree branches and watch the birds have a feast! Some birds prefer to eat on the ground, so seed can be put into lids of storage containers or any other shallow dish and placed everywhere in your garden. Mesh bags that once held onions or potatoes, filled with suet, can be used to serve the birds in your garden, too.

Need more ideas for home made bird feeders?

Also very easy to make is the mesh tube feeder. All you need is a 1/4 -inch hardware cloth, which is actually wire mesh, and make a tube with it - any size tube will do, and tie it together with thin wire. Close the bottom of the tube by nailing or stapling it to a piece of wood, a lid, stiff cardboard, or anything else suitable. Make a hanger for your mesh tube feeder, and hang it on a tree, filled with food.

If you have any stale bagels, these also make great homemade bird feeders. Again, spread them with peanut butter, add raisins and cranberries, roll them in birdseed and hang on trees or place at intervals in the yard. Another thing that birds love is strings of Cheerios, or any other cereal with a hole.

Small birds usually have to compete with bigger birds for food, so make it easier for them by making a glass jar feeder. Tie a length of wire around the neck of the jar, and tie the other end of the wire around the bottom of the jar to make a hanger. Put seed in the jar, hang it up, and watch as the small birds enjoy feeding in peace!

Other things to feed birds, especially in the cold winter months, are black-oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet, mixed seed, cracked corn, and fruit.

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